Privateer Press Announces Launch Date for Widower’s Wood Board Game

Privateer Press has announced that their next board game endeavor will be funded through Kickstarter. Widower’s Wood will take players into the deep, dark woods in hunt of gators (as Lynyrd Skynyrd plays on Pandora. Thanks for the appropriate mood music, Pandora). While Privateer Press has been on Kickstarter in the past, this is the first time they’re taking a board game project to the crowdfunding website.

In the game, players work together to work their way through the Widow’s Wood. The game board is made up of tiles that can be reconfigured depending on the scenario you’ve decided to play. It sounds like it’ll be an out-in-the-swamp version of Undercity. And considering that the two games will be fully compatible, that’s not a bad comparison.

Expect the game to hit Kickstarter February 16th.


  • crazytuco

    PP needs to use Kickstarter now? I get that KS has morphed some into more of a pre-order system than a way for fledgling companies to get funding. Still, PP seems to be without a doubt an established company. Do they really need to get crowdfunding? I suppose this might be a better marketing path for their board games which seem to be a lot less popular than their tabletop lines, but it seems they would have the resources to develop a better path to pre-ordering than KS.

    • Well, in the full announcement, Simon states the reason they’re going to Kickstarter is in order to gauge interest, particularly in certain “premium”-style items. So, in a way, they are basically saying, “how many will we sell before we actually make these?”

    • Bad Meat

      Can’t let Mantic and CMoN get all the free money!

  • bouncergriim

    I am okay with KS if it will get the game to market. I have enjoyed The Undercity and want more. But PP doesn’t have a great record with board games being financially successful as their other lines (grind as an example of a game that kinda died quickly). So if it is KS or nothing I will take KS.