Privateer Press announce sci-fi game

By tgn_admin
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Jun 19th, 2011

Privateer Press have made a very short announcement on the Lock and Load blog about a new sci-fi game called Level 7.

From their website:

This one is short and sweet, but packs one hell of a lot of excitement in a single sentence:
Summer of next year, the first product in Privateer Press’ all new science fiction setting Level 7 will be released worldwide.

  • capsfan34

    OMG I so can’t wait to here what is in store for this…

  • Veritas

    As long as it’s not collectable or pre-painted plastic I’ll be looking forward to it!

  • I’m going to make a prediction that this is what happened to JUNK by Grindhouse Games. πŸ™‚

  • KelRiever

    THANK YOU! I mean, not that Warmachine will ever stop expanding, though it should have a long, long time ago. But really, get ON with it! And please don’t do the Spartan Games approach, where it looks like the same game with different figures. I actually am intersted to see what is come up with. My hopes is it will be less comic booky and more strategic (without a ‘warcaster’ style focal point), but we shall see.

    • Zac

      I actually hope that the core mechanics are pretty close. I really like the WM/Hordes system and I think it would make a great sci-fi game as it.

      • KelRiever

        Well, I have no need to play the same game with different figures, unless it is the same game. For example, Hordes….

  • mathieu

    I really, really hope they go with alternate activation. I like just about everything about WM/H, but the I-go-you-go is just about as archaic and unfun as it gets to me.

    • KelRiever

      +1 to this. Alternating activation is superior in almost every game I know. Maybe in every single one.

      • Lucas Blackwolf

        As I like to say; IGOUGO is as eighties as spandex, and you certainly don’t put those on every time you play … (or at least hope you don’t :P).

    • Seems like a valid design choice to me. It’s all about the designer’s vision for the game and if he/she decides that one system of activation fits his/her vision better, than so be it.

      I don’t really see a huge difference. They both have their flaws.

      • arcturus

        Agreed – a game design is the sum of the interactions of its parts. Warmachine would not work well with alternating activations because it is designed around layered combos and planning an entire turn, but they work great in other games that were designed to work that way.

  • Repeter

    I am very interested in this, which says something. I haven’t really been interested in in any of their product for awhile. PP got me back into wargaming but eventually I soured on Warmahordes with the endless release schedule. I guess most folks want to keep buying new stuff for the same ole forces for the same ole games, but I actually like games with some scope to them.

    I am torn, however, between hoping this new sci-fi game is the same/similar core mechanics. On one hand, I would be interested in how the WM ruleset would play out in the sci-fi setting. On the other, I would always welcome a new approach by PP.

    • KelRiever

      Wow, your first paragraph makes me happy that I don’t feel alone in my point of view anymore.

      • elril

        I think I have had the conversation with Repeter (if this is the correct repeater) before. You aren’t alone.

  • I’d like to see some sci-fi Ogrun and Dwarfs…I don’t really care how the game plays because I don’t game but any decent new 28mm sized sci-fi figures are always welcome :).

    • winter

      I’ thinking that the Mantic Space Dwarfs for Warpath might make them shy away. They don’t seem to like being followers.

    • BoosterX

      I can respect that everyone has different tastes but for the love of Asimov I hope this isn’t a fantasy in space game.

  • blkdymnd

    I know it probably will be, but hoping its not the same abusive system Warmahordes is. As said above, you go i go is horribly outdated, and caster kill is horrible tunnel vision for a game. I know if it’s an exploitive system it will sell better (ie. Warmahordes and 40k) but I’ll keep hope that it has some balance.

    • I never understand why people keep saying I Go You Go is a think as of the past. The way I see it is that it’s just different. There are games were I enjoy alternating activation and some where I enjoy I go you go. I’d hate to see all game systems go to I go you go as that would just make things bland for me.

      • mathieu

        I-go-you-go’s being a “thing of the past” is only one part of the equation though. At least to me, the main issue is that it’s mostly not a fun system. I find rather boring the mere concept of not being able to do anything but watch when your opponent move their entire army. I think most systems now try to come up with ways to keep both players active at all time during a game turn, which I believe is more interesting in addition to actually fast-paced (which WM/H isn’t).

        To me the enjoyable I-go-you-go systems are the ones that keep you somewhat active during your opponent turn. Like when you still get to fight during their close combat phase. To me that is the only significant flaw of the WM/H system, and given how amazing the folks at PP are at writing rules, I’d love to see an AA game from them.

  • Tre Manor

    I am goign to go out on a limb here and guess it will be VERY similar to Robotech.

  • GS_topcow

    I hope they go with a good system, there is stiff competition out there, with good dynamic turn mechanics and innovative approaches to statistics and measurements (infinity, mercs, Urban War…Etc.), PP has a solid track record with great art and fluff backing their games, the oly thing i beg, please, no mosterpocalypse dice no tiles.

  • zeno

    Since range has to be longer in this game, I think. I actually hope they do it at another scale than Warmachine/Hordes.
    So larger robots and vehicles(?) can be just that, larger without beeing silly on the board like the fliers in 40k.

    • So 15mm then? Play that on a 4×4 board and your ranges can be huge. Go 10-6mm and things get even more interesting. Epic WM in space.

  • blkdymnd

    Well the name Level 7 invokes more of a skirmish/infinityish feel, not giant robots or 15mm stuff.

    • cybogoblin

      Agreed. As mentioned on the linked page, Level 7 is the highest threat rating for a nuclear disaster (like Chernobyl or Fukushima), so I’m thinking it may have a small-scale post-apoc feel to it.

      At least at first.

      Starting small leaves PP with plenty of room to expand. Just look at how Warmachine went from a ‘Caster and a couple of ‘Jacks to something with units, cavalry, and now battle engines. Not a bad thing, either, especially when you’re trying to support other games at the same time.

  • cegorach

    Here’s hoping they do something completely original – otherwise what you will be seeing is the first major step in PP becoming the next Games Workshop, crushing a smaller competitor by leveraging their brand across two distinct markets.

    Let’s just put it this way, if PP manages to dominate both Sci Fi and Fantasy, all the adulating fanboyism in the world won’t stop them becoming Games Workshop. If you think there is some kind of spiritual or moral difference between these two businesses you are painfully deluded. GW guys started out just as cool and groovy as PP. Success is a killer.

    • Zac

      If you think there is some kind of spiritual or moral difference between these two businesses you are painfully deluded.

      Well not that this is even remotely related to the concept at hand but… PP is a privately held company and GW is a publicly traded one. The differences that entail for them is pretty significant. A majority of the loutish behaviour that GW exhibits is based on the demands on it as a publicly traded firm. PP is under no similar restrictions and expectations and therefore can act differently if it so desires.

      Why the topic of them announcing a sci-fi game is reason to wander off into a denunciation of their ethics is a bit beyond me though. πŸ˜‰

      • cegorach

        I’d suggest not leaping to their defense so swiftly as it does go a way towards confirming what I am suggesting. If you read my post, I am not denouncing their ethics at all – if that’s what you get from my post, you need to dial down the bias since what I am doing is pointing out that GW used to be ‘nice’ like PP are now.

        My comment is simple and hardly confrontational – of all the companies that start small, work well, respect their clientele and as a result become successful, the number that are ‘corrupted’ by that process (in that profits trump community respect) tends to significantly outweigh those who aren’t.

        I sincerely, honestly hope PP doesn’t end up that way as I love what they do. I’m just not so short sighted as to believe GW didn’t start out with the same attitude but got corrupted on the way. Thinking otherwise is just prejudicial and not very constructive.

        People need to worship PP a bit less now, while they are still in ascendance. Blind, aggressive adulation by a fanboy community is one of the key downfalls of GW.

        And if you find what I am saying confrontational, you’re pretty much guaranteeing that’s where you’re headed πŸ˜‰

        • Zac

          And if you find what I am saying confrontational…

          You’re the only one using the word “confrontational”. .

          None of this is related to the topic at hand so lets just drop it please. I don’t want to have the topic devolve into an unrelated and unwarranted hypothetical discussion.

        • Ben Wafer

          You know, I’m looking through Zac’s post to see where exactly he swiftly leaped to PP’s defense, and I’m just not seeing it. What he did was point out some of the obvious, fundamental differences between a privately owned company and a publicly traded company.

          So you’re pointing out that GW used to be ‘nice’ like PP is now. OK, great, do you know when that was? It was when GW was privately owned, not publicly traded. You know, like PP is now. As in, that’s probably exactly why Zac pointed it out…

          But hey, what do I know. I guess it’s pretty silly to try to look for the underlying causes in things instead of just saying “GW is evil now, therefore PP will become corrupted and be evil later.” Looking for the reasons why things happen instead of just making random assumptions probably makes me a painfully deluded fanboy.

          • Zac

            Thanks Ben but lets just let this drop as its not related to the issue in the news post

  • geekygamer

    I really hope that this is a post-apoc game. It is such a fertile setting with relatively little mini gaming to show for it.

    I’d love it if this was a skirmish game (WM was at one time…) or a <28mm scale battle game for larger forces. Hell, Aberrant had a great idea with Warlands; they completely dropped that ball. Why not have PP make Hotwheels scale figures for a post-apoc road warrior game! Despite the fact that I just sold my Cryx collection that I build since Mk1 Prime, I’d be there in a heartbeat.

    • bj

      If you are looking for a Post Apoc type game there are two out so far for you to peruse: Dark Age and Eden.

      • Zac

        Dark Age has a new rulebook coming out soon as well πŸ™‚

    • arcturus

      They mentioned that their new gobber board game had a slightly different “post apocalyptic” setting where the gobbers were building scrap vehicles. Could this be a sneaky preview of the setting themes for Level 7 given that previous gobbo games have been vaguely Warmachine themed?

  • Lol, this one has the gw 40k fan boys in a right mess doesnt it. i personally hope that its a small gang style game with squad member/charcter progression. i think that such a game would fit in wonderfully with a post apoc type game – assumeing this is it post apoc.

    one other thing, boy i hope there are plenty of metal models, this plastic and resin rubbish as taken me away from scifi games all together

  • Morf

    I will gladly take bets against hopes that this is a skirmish game. Skirmish is not a credible model for companies as big as PP. It’s going to go for the WH40K audience, not Infinity audience.
    For the same reason it will probably not slim-out its visuals – even of not a direct translation of WM/H to the future settings, it will have to stay coherent with the bulky, agressive, over-the-top imagert PP is using right now. It just has to be big πŸ™‚ And I bet they will deliver cause so far they have a clean record of good to great games.

    • PanzerKraken

      No doubt copying the WM/Hordes model with constant flow of new models for all factions and general size of the game. WM/Hordes was basically launched as a skirmish game, and it’s just grown and grown as the years go by in scale.

  • Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

    I do wonder if this will co-inside with the “Rumoured” 6th Ed of 40K.

    Me – I’m interesting in the fact that there is going to be a new game on the market but until previews and crunch get’s tossed on the table – bah. This speculation is almost as good as the Apple Fanboy sites…. which reminds me….

    Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

  • Looks like Sci fi will be getting a few extra choices in the market over the next few years with Warpath from Mantic too. Great time to be a gamer into sci fi.

    Wonder if PP will include elements of Kaiju in their sci-fi setting if they go post-apoc? That would be very cool.

    • PanzerKraken

      I would wait to see if Mantic can put out a good rule set for it’s sci fi game, or if they are just going to be basically just selling more proxies for 40K, as KoW was a pretty crappy excuse of a game. And so far the model previews for Warpath are not giving me any confidence, as again we are seeing basically what appears to be Mantic trying to take GW sales away with proxy units instead of coming up with original creations.

      PP I trust is going to give us the goods at least

      • I have to disagree with you on KoW. There’s about 5 of us playing it at DWS, it’s a strong, clean element based strategy game, we’re having very enjoyable evenings playing it. It’s very different to the depth of special ability/combo heavy games such as WFB or WM/H. You have to think differently.

        I wouldn’t say any game was better or worse, they’re simply very different animals and can’t really be judged on a like for like basis. So as far as sci-fi is concerned I’m interested to see what all of the company’s are going to come up with both mechanically and thematically.

        I can understand your comments with regards the minis though – Mantic’s undead are the stand-out release imho. Although I do like the metal dwarves they’ve produced.

  • elril

    The funnest part of such short news blurbs is how wide open it leaves the speculation!

  • begisle

    Underwhelmed currently.

    I would rather have a new start up try their hand at some sci-fi then have PP get their bumbling hands on it.