Privateer confirm plastic Light Warjacks

Privateer Press has confirmed that their next set of Light Warjack releases for Warmachine will be plastic kits. Unlike the Heavy Warjacks these kits appear to only make a single Warjack.

From their announcement:

Included in this lineup will be our new plastic Light Warjacks featuring the Cygnar Firefly, Protectorate of Menoth Vigilant, and Cryx Ripjaw.

Cygnar Firefly Light Warjack (1 Plastic Model) MSRP $18.99
Crackling with galvanic energy and unleashing blasts of lethal bolts of electricity to arc through the enemy, the Firefly is among the most advanced warjacks stalking the battlefields of western Immoren today. Its devastating electrical weaponry can fry its enemies to a crisp, leaving the air heavy with the scent of ozone. In addition to its actual weaponry, the Firefly incorporates an advanced mechanikally augmented conducting element into that allows stormsmiths to integrate the ’jack in their stormcalling. A player may field any number of Firefly light warjacks in a Cygnar army.

Cryx Ripjaw Bonejacks (2 Plastic Models) MSRP $19.99
The Ripjaw’s pincer-like jaws are used to hold its victims in place while its bone saw cuts them into mangled and unidentifiable bits. Necrotechs take particular delight in using the Ripsaw, as its victims are left in pieces easily utilized in their gory fabrications. In spite of its lethal armaments, the Ripjaw’s most dangerous weapon is its arc node. Quick and agile like its brethren, the Ripjaw ultimately serves to carry its masters’ dark will to the enemies of Cryx. This box contains parts necessary to assemble two Ripjaw bonejack plastic models. A player may field any number of Ripjaw bonejacks in a Cryx army.

Protectorate Vigilant Light Warjack (1 Plastic Model) MSRP $18.99
The Vigilant’s twin fist-mounted shields make it an incredibly durable light warjack. The tremendous area covered by its towering shields provides nearly unassailable shelter from even the most devastating of enemy artillery fire. Warcasters favor the Vigilant for its great utility, not only is it like a small, mobile battlement but since it carries no weapons its hands are free to hurl enemy combatants about like ragdolls. The ‘jack’s unsophisticated weaponry and cortex make it easy and inexpensive to manufacture, ensuring its place among the Menite crusaders for years to come. A player may field any number of Vigilant light warjacks in a Protectorate of Menoth army.