Privateer August releases delayed

By tgn_admin
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May 19th, 2011

Privateer Press will be delaying their August 2011 releases.

From their announcement:

Since the release of Mk II, both Warmachine and Hordes have seen an explosive amount of growth that has created an unprecedented demand for these award-winning miniatures games. In response, Privateer Press has been steadily increasing production staff and facilities. However, even with these measures in place, the tremendous popularity of the games has continued to outpace our ability to produce them.
With demand continuing to remain at record levels, Privateer Press has decided to delay August releases to give both our production facility and our distribution channels time to get closer to total back order fulfillment.
Privateer Press would like to thank everyone who has helped make Mk II such an amazing success. We remain committed to producing the best entertainment experiences for discerning audiences.
Be sure to watch for the latest news and information on upcoming releases for Warmachine and Hordes.

  • Gallahad

    I have no doubt that the current stupidity of GW has been a huge boon to companies like PP. I haven’t played any of their games (the setting just doesn’t appeal to me), but I know that they are well regarded. It can only help the hobby to have lots of competitors for my gaming dollar.

  • cybogoblin

    Potential GenCon releases delayed? That’s a shame, but it will leave me more money to spend on other goodies.

    • kelmor

      Bet they still have them there 😛

  • does this mean another delay on the man o wars?

    • cybogoblin

      Best I can tell from the forums, there have been no announcements about what was meant to be coming out in August, though most people seem to be worried about the Ret Battle Engine.

      While it sucks to possibly have to wait another month for Bombardier goodness, we’ve been waiting so long it won’t feel too bad.

  • Robert

    Yeah, it’s sort of amusing that they are telling us the August releases are delayed when we never heard what those releases even were.

    I suppose somebody in the retail channel might have heard, but it wasn’t publicly discussed that I could find.

    • clutch

      I think its more the fact that they are not announce the August releases and using that time to get caught up. I would assume this is due to the fact they would need to be soliciting distributors right now to be ready for August catalogs.

  • ninja007

    It just means not to expect to hear about August releases, which otherwise, we would, on a fairly regular schedule like always. This is just advanced notice that we won’t be getting an August release and why.

    It doesn’t affect GenCon…the new stuff that always drops at the con is rarely stuff that was due out the same month, rather it’s stuff for the future, by and large. Not the current month’s releases. Last year it was Farrow Minions, plastic battle boxes, metal versions of the plastic BB caster resculpts, the Skorne book, the new set of character warjacks (the upgrade kits like Torch), and a smattering of other various releases. A few of these came out in stores the same month after or concurrent with the con, but the bulk of it didn’t come out until months later…some of what I got there didn’t get released generally till THIS year.

    This is standard for PP. So assuming they don’t wildly change their model, which relies strongly on GenCon sales, we can probably conclude that they will make enough of whatever new hotness they feel they need to for the con, then there will just be an extra month’s wait or so for new stuff to pick up on stores. IOW, part of this is doubtless that they want to have product for GenCon, not just that they are catching up on back orders. They usually sell out of a lot of the new stuff early anyway, this situation must be pretty frantic by now considering the shortage they’ve had for many months!

    And no, Bombardiers were never on the schedule to begin with and there was 0 reason to expect them by August, sadly. We know now from PP that they did make a plastic version of MoW’s that can be used for all 3 types, but they simply have not solved their plastic producution problems w/ China yet.