Privateer announce XGL Live

Privateer Press have announced a new online, live event to help promote the Grind board game.

From their announcement:

Your players have taken powerful steamjacks to the metal-plated floors of the Destructodome, pitting them against the steam-belching competition and the very arena itself with the Grind Board Game. They’ve proven they’ve got the metal. Now Privateer Press has stepped up the adrenaline-soaked action again with the Xtreme Grind League and the upcoming Xtreme Grind League Live LGS Event.

The Xtreme Grind League is a free expansion for Grind that allows players to build and manage their team over an entire season of metal on metal mayhem as they race to earn the title of XGL Champion. The XGL gives players a whole new reason to hit the grid again and again, as they earn precious metal to upgrade their team’s weapons and cortexes, purchase new steamjacks, and keep their team running at peak efficiency.

To celebrate this new expansion, Privateer Press is running the XGL Live League event. From March 15 – 28th will have regular video updates, fresh in-game content, and fan submitted highlights from the various in store leagues, which is the perfect way to put your players front and center. Privateer is also offering free prize support for registered stores and plenty of cool contests to get your community involved.