Preview the Advanced Rules and Download the Rulebook for Winter Tales

Fantasy Flight Games is showing off the Advanced Rules as well as posting up the rulebook for Winter Tales. Go check ’em out.

Winter Tales


From the post:

In every game of Winter Tales, you and up to six other players enter the world of Wintertown, caught in the midst of the struggle between the tyrannical regime of winter and the brave spring rebels. Using the game system of Winter Tales, you tell a dramatic story, as each faction’s characters engage in feats of desperate heroism or dastardly wickedness. Throughout the course of the game, both winter and spring factions attempt to complete quests, claiming them as memories and expanding the story with their efforts.

  • cannondaddy

    I really like that Fantasy Flight always makes their rules available.

  • mathieu

    Wow, that game has been “upcoming” yet received no updates for almost a year. I hope this news suggests it’s coming soon!

    • PanzerKraken

      I hope it means the advanced rules and game in general got worked on. Tried it at Gencon and thought it was pretty bad. Cool concept and design, but it needs much more meat.

      • mathieu

        I was excited merely based on the concept and look of it, I’m sad to hear it might not be a good game. Thanks for the feedback.