Preview of Wargames Illustrated Issue 269

Wargames Illustrated Issue 269 Cover.jpgWargames Illustrated issue 269 will be available soon. Here is a look at its contents.

Prince Rupert: The Devil On Horseback
We kick off this month’s theme content with a look at the character who threads the whole thing together; Prince Rupert of the Palatinate. His introduction includes a painting guide.

The Skirmish At Powick Bridge
The first action of the English CivilWar sees our hero engaged in a skirmish action in an attempt to drive the Parliamentarians back the way they came.

The Battle Of Edgehill, October 1642
Our attention turns to the first large-scale battle of the war, notorious for Prince Rupert’s devastating cavalry charge.

The Battle Of Birmingham, April 1643
Prince Rupert’s forces descend on the Parliamentarian stronghold of Birmingham. We examine the attack and present a tactical wargame using the 1644 ruleset.

The Battle Of Marston Moor, July 1644
The beginning of the end for Rupert’s command in the Royalist army. You will find all the background and a scenario for re-fighting this seminal ECW battle.

Point Of The Spear
How to get the Airborne commanders of Market Garden into action on the tabletop in your Flames Of War games.

1588 And All That
In this series of three articles Tim Eagling explores the gaming opportunities offered by Elizabethan England. Part One provides you with all the background to the period.

Great Warriors: The Landsknechts
We begin this new, irregular series of articles with a look at the Landsknechts.

A Rearguard Action Near Genappe, 1815
We present a scenario for one of the lesser known conflicts of the Hundred Days campaign; the Battle of Genappe.

Kaukopartiojoukot 1942 – 1944
A Flames Of War briefing for Finland’s long-range reconnaissance troops.

Sluys, 1340
David Manley examines this medieval naval battle off the coast of France and presents some quick play rules.

Let It Snow
If you’ve been experiencing the heavy snowfalls of the Northern Hemisphere this winter you might want to try your hand at copying Mother Nature’s work on your terrain – Jason Buyaki guides you through the process.

Flame Of War Rankings
The new, global Flames Of War ranking system.

plus a visit to the Alpha Ares club in Spain, the W.A.B. Campaign Weekend in the UK, and our monthly roundup of News and Reviews!