Preview of Peacekeeper Warband for This Is Not a Test

World’s End Publishing is showing off concept art and some preliminary greens for the Peacekeeper Warband for their upcoming post-apocalyptic game, This is Not a Test.


From the preview:

World’s End Publishing is pleased to present the first faction model for our in-development post-apocalypse game “This Is Not a Test”. The first faction is the Peacekeepers, who enact wasteland justice for their select clients. There will be a initial release of five models for this warband and the first to be completed is their stalwart leader. Depending on the type of Peacekeeper warband you choose, he can either be a valiant Road Marshall or a ruthless Hanging Judge. This particular model comes with two head options and two arms with different weapons, either a SMG or a pistol. We might also release him with a plasma/ laser rifle to represent those great relics from before the Fall. The original sculpt is by Ernst Veingart. For more information please check out our website. This Is Not a Test is scheduled for a release later in 2014. Thanks.

  • Nice fig. I can think of plenty of uses. Looking forward to more.

  • 4tonmantis

    Because you can never have too many Helghast figures amirite?

    Seriously though, those guys look kinda dumpy and where do the bullets for that SMG go? The ejection port for the casings is in the top in-line with the barrel but unless it’s a reverse banana clip with a really small bullet there is no place to keep ammo.

    • 4tonmantis

      Before anyone says it’s a P90.. P90’s have their clip on the top and ejection port through the bottom of the handgrips..

      • KMANT

        It does look very P90’ish 🙂 (sorry)

        Trying to give them the benefit of the doubt the clip could be slid in like the P90 as you said and then maybe caseless ammunition?

  • 4tonmantis

    It looks like a squat version of the FN2000 more than a P90. I doubt caseless ammo would survive the mechanical process of a helical feed. The core would more or less be ruined and you would end up with powder everywhere. Unless you meant pretend sci-fi caseless where we pretend it is more stable and durable 😛

  • Deathwing

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I think the overall sculpt is brilliant, I did commission it after all, but if the ammo feed is an issue, what steps would you take to rectify it? I’m sure I can get the sculptor to make some small corrections. Thanks.

    Joey McGuire
    World’s End Publishing

    • 4tonmantis

      It just doesn’t seem well thought out. A lot of artists don’t actually understand how guns really work.. and the key to doing anything visual is getting at least a working knowledge.
      Basically, 2 questions need to be answered..
      Where is the clip meant to go? (flow chart time.. is the answer to this satisfactory/does it look good and make sense)
      Does the firing and ejection mechanism seem like it could work? This means.. do the bullets appear to load into a barrel which could reasonably shoot them.. and.. where do the casings go afterwards (if there are any).

      I pointed out that a toploaded clip here isn’t possible since an ejection port is modeled onto the top. Topload clips like a P90 have a helical feed that rotates the shell so it can feed from it’s unusual alignment. Caseless doesn’t make sense.. and frankly is a little elegant for post apocalypse.
      The easy answer is to make it top loaded or remodel the rear grip so that it looks like a clip could reasonably go in there.

      Another fun fact.. the bullets for P90s are extremely rare.. so much so that shows and movies using them typically have to rely on digital effects since the bullets are so hard to find.

      • 4tonmantis

        BTW, I am glad you took note and are interested in doing the gun properly.. I spoke to Scibor about his sci fi “not-bolter” things.. which have barrels that seemingly go to nothing.. he couldn’t be bothered to fix them. I still can’t look at those.. they make no sense.. Infinity, MERCs, and a few others have gone to great lengths to make “accurate” guns.. and those are among my favorites nowadays 🙂

        • BaconSlayer

          I find it immensely amusing that Scibor couldn’t be bothered to fix something. Once the press mold is dry, it is good, yes?

          • 4tonmantis

            He has his moments but the more he releases the more I realize that he has a very limited range.

            I also was going to point out.. and decided not to.. but am now deciding I should.. that the above sculpts are a bit lacking in the torso area. I mean they’re missing a bit in that area. If the sculptor just chops below the pouches on the abdominal area and adds in a belt and smooths over the coat, it should fix the issue.

    • Or you could just make it a laser weapon. The magazine is the powerpack. No need for ejection ports etc.

      I think it looks fine as it is.