Preview and release info from Raging Heroes

Raging Heroes has sent along some more information about their first set of fantasy miniature releases.

From their announcement:

Raging Heroes is a young company that creates baroque and flamboyant minis for wargamers and collectors in 28 mm and 54 mm.

Our first Command Group has been designed to fit easily into any Dark Elf, Vampire, Chaotic or Demonic army. Each mini is issued as a limited edition of 500 units. You’ll find on our website detailed information on the background of each character, and on how to use them within your favourite games.

The minis

Currently, buy three minis for the price of two. And take advantage of our very low worldwide flat shipping rate (3 Euros, about US $ 4.50), regardless of order size.

Asharah (Heroine)

  • 28 mm: 11.90 Euros (about US$ 17.50)
  • 54 mm: 26.90 Euros (about US$ 39.70)

Eleriel and Alaniel (Standard Bearer):

  • 28 mm: 15.90 Euros (about US$ 23.50)
  • 54 mm: 35.90 Euros (about US$ 53.00)

Moloss and Minion (Musician):

  • 28 mm: 15.90 Euros (about US$ 23.50)
  • 54 mm: 35.90 Euros (about US$ 53.00)

Command Group (Best deal: 3 minis for the price of 2):

  • 28 mm: 31.80 Euros (about US$ 46.95)
  • 54 mm: 71.80 Euros (about US$ 105.99)

We’re also developing other product lines… More info coming soon.

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