Prepare for Planetfall

Spartan Games has announced Planetfall, their new sci-fi minis game set in the Firestorm Armada universe.

PFBB01 cover art


From the announcement:

Spartan Games is hugely excited to announce the much-anticipated launch of Planetfall – a fast-paced, action packed game of massed 10mm armoured and infantry conflict set in the Firestorm Armada galaxy.

Devastating tanks, sleek aerial units, crushing artillery, orbital drop-ships and elite infantry forces fight over objectives, each side seeking to achieve their key objectives at the expense of the other. Planetfall uses an ugo-igo system, with an activation mechanism based around Helixes – the building blocks of every force. Games are tactical, combat is ferocious, and the gameplay engine is built around Spartan Games’ established Exploding D6 mechanic, making it fast and intuitive.

  • blkdymnd

    Looks neat, but £80.00 for the starter???

    • Sevej

      I think that’s a pretty decent price, the models included being the actual models instead of starter set specific models. And Spartan is known for their pretty chunky pieces.

  • Marauder

    Hey at least it’s not a kickstarter!

  • Sikil

    This is so full of YEY that I’m overwhelmed!

    I’m in for two starters and two easch of the Recon Helixes as well as an extra terrain pack to nicely round it off.

    My Directorate will soon serve cooked n’ wooked fish dishes in my Expiditionary Fleet! 😀

  • BaconSlayer

    Being Spartan, I am looking forward to the abysmally-organized rules that will have a .5 edition in four months and a second edition in a year.

    • P-ko

      So I guess you missed the new Firestorm rules then?

      • elril

        do you realize you just reinforced his point? Their rulebooks are historically poorly written and organized. As an early customer I have felt like a beta tester with the actual product coming out a year later…

        • blkdymnd

          And that’s if they support it after a year and don’t go ADHD onto something else

        • P-ko

          How? The rulebook is out for over half a year with no sign of “0,5” edition coming, and it’s been getting reasonable to enthusiastic reviews for fixing those exact issues. The DW rulebook, while it got flak for overuse of BOLDING in text, had much the same reception. And they’ve been supporting FA with steady new releases every month for the same period. Getting past the negative reception from past experiences is hard, but I think they’ve actually learned the lesson there.

          • Grindar

            Firestorm Armada is on it’s SECOND EDITION, after following a 1.5th edition, which was exactly his point.

          • P-ko

            Yes. And it fixed the issues. Which is my point. They can’t go back in time to not make mistakes, can they?

  • Dr.Falkenhayn

    More 10mm Fodder can’t be bad 🙂 Directorate looks Ace,not fond of anything Eldar/Shaltari like tbh just my personal Taste

  • Marauder

    They actually had an earlier edition of this game out last year that was free. So hopefully this rulebook benefited from that.