Precis Intermedia acquires Stellar Strike rules

Precis Intermedia have acquired the rights to the Stellar Strike Tabletop Game.

From their announcement:

Precis Intermedia is pleased to announce that it has acquired the intellectual property rights to the Stellar Strike tabletop game originally created and published by AstroNavis & NeoNavis. Stellar Strike pits two space empires against each other as they clash with starships, ground troops, and technological improvements. The game is easy to learn and includes color map tiles and counters. It can be downloaded for instant gratification, with optional print-to-order in color either at checkout or a later time.

“I’m glad to see Stellar Strike made available to more players, with a printed option available,” said Wendell Martin, Jr. of AstroNavis & NeoNavis.

“This is yet another fantastic game I’ve come across that deserves more attention,” said Brett M. Bernstein of Precis Intermedia. “The design philosophies of Stellar Strike fit perfectly with Precis Intermedia’s own style. It is a snap to learn and can be easily expanded with your own house rules.”

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