Precinct Omega unleashes MechaWar

Precinct Omega now has MechaWar, their mecha miniatures wargame rules, available over on their website.

From the release:

One Pound Wargames is a new series of games, intended to deliver the maximum amount of game for the minimum amount of cash. We have begun with the launch of MechaWar, allowing players to pit teams of might mech walkers against one another in a battle of tactical skill and heavy metal devastation. Build your mechs and take to the field in minutes: the game requires minimal preparation and offers fast-paced skirmish gaming for the gamer on a budget.

  • Zarathud

    I love Mech games, but I am not willing to part with a single dollar (or pound) without some details or a preview of the rules. A one or two sentence general description is not enough.

  • Mick A

    I risked it and its worth it, looks like a good game…