Pre-painted 10mm (Warmaster scale) Castles available from Sally 4th

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 30th, 2013

Sally 4th has some new pre-painted 10mm scale castles available over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

The focus for the last couple of months at Sally 4th has been on developing techniques for the production of pre painted kits. We believe we have found it and this week we start the process of making all of our castle models available as either unpainted kits for customers to paint themselves or as pre painted kits which simply require assembly and flocking to get them into play.

We have developed 3 colours for castles, sampled from photographs of the real thing, namely Granite, Limestone & Sandstone. Models photographed castles in the Limestone finish.

As well as releasing our 10mm (Warmaster Scale) castle components as pre-painted models, we have also put together some castle sets which offer a discount over buying the pieces separately.

Border Stronghold – Small Castle £47.12 unpainted / £54.72 pre-painted (5% discount)
Barons Fortress – Medium Castle £64.20 unpainted / £75.30 pre-painted (7.5% discount)
Nobles Castle – Large Castle £74.97 unpainted / £87.57 pre-painted (10% discount)

Individual Castle Components

Castle Wall £4.95 unpainted / £5.95 pre-painted
Castle Tower £6.95 unpainted / £7.95 pre-painted
Castle Gateway £6.95 unpainted / £7.95 pre-painted

Our 15mm range will be the next to be made available, followed by 28mm, which we will also be making available in a random stone finish.

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  • 4tonmantis

    It’s a nice castle, and I don’t doubt the model fits/works with Warmaster, but I do believe both Warmaster and Epic are 6mm games.

  • Daniel36

    Warmaster is 10mm.

    And pretty dead… Sure, it’s still played by those that already have the stuff, but if you ask me, they would’ve been better off building stuff for games that are still supported.

    • Riquende

      Well Dropzone Commander is 10mm, and has integrated rules for buildings…

      It’d be an interesting scenario that made use of a castle though. Perhaps a Scourge attack on a Robin Hood-style Theme Park?

    • Grindar

      There are a gajillion 10mm Historical rules sets that this could be used for. Warmaster Ancients being one, Hordes of the Things being another, could probably use it for 6mm based systems like Polemos too.

    • 4tonmantis

      breaks out Warmaster book oh look at that..

      wait.. is Epic 10mm too? For some reason I had always remembered both of those as 6mm..

      Also.. anything marked Specialist is dead but only insomuch as people are unwilling to dig up the old stuff. Just because the rules and models are no longer being made new.. does not mean these old gems cannot be played. I know you weren’t saying that, but I hear/read that sentiment a lot and it’s disheartening. My old gaming group back in VA all bought 2nd edition 40k stuff for super cheap and learned the rules. It was insanely fun.. more so than 4th or 5th or whatever was the current edition back then. We also played Necromunda, BFG, and Space Hulk (the original) and there was a Mordheim league. I made sure I own the specialist rules for all of the old games (never got Man’O’War, Aeronatica, or the really old Blood Pass or whatever the old flyer game was called). I’m trying to teach my oldest son to play Gorkamorka.. he keeps getting distracted with the models and pictures in the books, but in a good way.