Port Nova Media releases the Strike Legion Game series

Strike Legion rules coverPort Nova Media have released Strike Legion Game series of games.

From their announcement:
Command a combined arms ground force from any future you wish to imagine! Strike Legion combines simple game mechanics with a unique, integrated electronic warfare system and a respectable amount of unit detail and variation – and all without sacrificing playability.

Written in a progressive learning format with accompanying scenarios, players can easily and quickly command a company, battalion, or regiment on the tabletop. Dozens of vehicle and infantry units are provided for the enclosed scenarios, along with complete construction rules for creating your own forces. Design and field your own mix of tanks, grav tanks, infantry, power armor, IFVs, VTOLs, artillery, mecha, aerospace fighters, cybertanks, orbital support and more in fast-paced, decisive actions that play out in an average of 1 to 3 hours.

Strike Legion scales combat at 1 piece = 1 vehicle, infantry team, or gun, with each turn representing about five minutes of real time. While Strike Legion is designed primarily for 1:285/1:300/6mm forces, players can easily use miniatures ranging from 2mm up to 15mm to fight their battles.

A free demo version of the game, which includes the entire Basic Game rules from the Strike Legion Main Rulebook, along with enough information to play through two learning scenarios, is available by signing up for the Strike Legion Yahoo Group.

The Strike Legion Main Rulebook covers the basics of armor and infantry combat and includes construction rules for the most common ‘hard’ scifi elements – tracked, wheeled, hover, and grav-drive tanks and vehicles, displacement and teleport movement, walkers and Big Stompy Robots, field guns and mobile artillery, aircraft, VTOL/STOVL craft, and infantry ranging from civilians with little to no training up through heavy power armor troopers with multiple weapon systems and special combat abilities.

Strike Legion: The Genome Gambit expands on the main rulebook by adding naval combat, tunneling, expanded artillery missions, WMDs, infantry specialists, personalities, bio-mechanoid technology, and rules for commanding large hordes of ‘bugs’ that use a unique command system and may have variable characteristics during each game.

Strike Legion: The Clockwork Armies adds elements allowing for Victorian SciFi and historical battles, including horse and rifle units, airships, landships and other infernal steam-powered and Æther-moving craft, sailing ships, galleys, aircraft carriers and airplane squadrons, fieldworks and fortifications. This book also includes ultra-high tech weapons and systems for vehicles and infantry, along with experimental rules for time-traveling forces and combat with beings of pure energy.

PDF Versions of all three books are available for immediate download from Wargames Vault and RPGNow.com.