Ponyfinder: From the Ashes Adventure Up On Kickstarter

Terrible wars tend to have terrible consequences. When the Humanoids and the Fey went to war, it was truly a terrible war. At the climax, the energy that held back the Everglow was unleashed. This wave of primal forces reduced everything it touched to ashes. Very little was spared. In the aftermath, the survivors realized what they had done and hostilities ended, as everyone realized that life was already going to be much tougher in this grey world. That’s where you find yourselves in Ponyfinder: From the Ashes, a new adventure sourcebook that’s up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

When the war between the fey races and the humanoids reached a fever pitch, it boiled over in the unleashing of the very power that gave Everglow its name. Disrupted and set free, The Blaze tore the world of both sides apart.

Fire, Ice, Lightning, Acid, and more worked to reduce the past age to a fading memory. Even the sky seemed burnt with the fury of it, and the Ashen Age began, or so those that survived to see it called it.

The old dividing lines faded away. What did it matter if those you lived with had two legs or four, so long as you knew them. Friends were beyond precious, and strangers were a constant source of danger. The world was dashed, but hope lived. People are putting themselves back together. This generation may have been born in the ash, but it will rise from the same.

It is time to marshal your skill, resources, and determination. It is time to rise From The Ashes.

This will be a setting book for 5th edition and Pathfinder.