Polemos English Civil rules available for pre-order

Polemos English Civil rulesBaccus is now accepting pre-orders for their Polemos English Civil rules and boxed sets.

From their website:
At long last, I am delighted to say that the 2nd edition of Polemos English Civil Rules is in the hands of the printers. This means that you can now make pre-orders for both the rules and the boxed sets.

This new edition has been brought into line with the more recent Polemos releases in terms of writing and presentation style. For an idea of what to expect a free download pdf sample is available (PDF link).

Pre-orders are being taken now. We won’t be charging cards or presenting Paypal requests until the rules are in our hands and ready to go.

There is an outside chance that I may have some copies available for Claymore this coming weekend. There is still chance to get pre-orders in for this show, but as we’ll be setting off on Friday morning the clock is ticking, so please get in touch as soon as possible.

Finally, on a less positive note, I am afraid that there will be a price increase on all our figure ranges which will come into effect on September 1st. This is not something I like doing, if nothing else for the amount of work it causes, but three years of constant increases in our running and material costs have got to be reflected at some stage.

Any orders taken up to September 1st will be at current rates, so you’ve got plenty of warning!