Polar_Bear; newest member of the TGN Team

Hello all you gamers out there! Some of you may have noticed a change in the tone of many of the posts here on TGN, that’s because of me. Hi. My name’s Polar_Bear and a couple weeks ago I was asked to become part of the news-posting team here on TGN.

A small bit about me: I’ve been gaming ever since 6th grade, starting where many gamers start, Magic: The Gathering. Since then, I’ve played through such diverse games as NetRunner, Warhammer 40k, Mechwarrior: Dark Age, Warmachine and many others. Anyway, enough about me and on to what this post is really about: You and how you use TGN.

My goal is to make Tabletop Gaming News THE source for all your tabletop gaming news needs. I have put forth some suggestions with the team, but I’d like to know what you, the readers of TGN, want for the website. What news items do you like? What additional events/news would you like to see?

I want to make TGN the best it can be and your input can go a long way to helping with that. So send your suggestions, comments, criticisms and whatnot to polar_bear@tabletopgamingnews.com and I’ll look through them and hopefully, together, we can bring you even more of what you want, the way you want it.

  • dysynchtor

    A game finder database to track games, vendors and maybe websites. It would help with some of the more obscure titles.

  • If you’re the person responsible for posts here suddenly acquiring some personality, then thank god you’re here! I’ve been enjoying those. 🙂

    • Heh. Whereas I was going to say, I’m good with the occasional wacky comment, but don’t try too hard. Not every news post needs a witty bon mot added in.

      • Polar_Bear

        True. And I have wrangled it in from some of the initial ones. Some just lend themselves to that kind of thing more than others.

    • Informality – the new trend in journalism! I’m not a great fan of editorializing a news topic in the actual report itself, so I’m glad to hear you’re keeping it to a reasonable level.

      Welcome on board Polar_Bear and thanks for helping to keep the news service going.

  • Sergeant_Crunch

    OMG, another person that was interested in NetRunner! That brings the total number of people other than myself that I have come across to….1.

    • Polar_Bear

      It was, by far, my favorite card game I’ve played. Magic I only played for a short time. The one that I played the longest was Decipher’s Star Wars card game. That was good up until the last couple sets.

  • Sejanus

    Your parents named you polar bear?…I was named Derek but only use a nom de plume on here.

    Go figure.

    • Soulfinger

      Hey, I’m a Derek too. Although if my last name were Bear, I expect that my parents would have named me Polar, and then I would have spent the rest of my life secretly wishing that they had chosen Grizzly. Its the anonymity of the staffers that gives TGN that warm, personal touch that everyone has come to expect.

      Welcome aboard. I think I like the tone of your posts, although I mostly just look at the pictures and post unproductive comments. One thing I have been curious about though is whether or not there is actually a moderator for the forum? When a post is pending moderator approval does that just equate to it being deleted outright or does someone actually look it over and say, “Hmmm, looks like this guy included multiple links in his post” prior to deleting it.

      • Polar_Bear

        Well, my driver’s license says, “Jason” but exceedingly few people actually call me that.

        As for the “witty comments” in the posts, I don’t go out of my way to try and come up with one. Sometimes the news article just sort of lends itself to them. Plus… we’re grown men and women playing with toy soldiers. It’s hard to take everything seriously, and being just cold and sterile with the posts just isn’t something I think I could do. If nothing else, those comments show a bit of my enthusiasm for the hobby and my general excitement about what I’m posting.
        I have wrangled it back from some of the first ones I had when I started.

        But anyway, I do hope people are enjoying the site. I do honestly mean I want this to be the place people think of when they talk about gaming news. We’ve got some ideas working their way down the pipeline that I really can’t wait to get into. All with good time, though.

        • Sejanus

          Then hello Jason. See how easy?..lol

          Hope you enjoy your time in here.

  • mathieu

    I would appreciate fewer news about stuff only very remotely related to tabletop miniature gaming. I’m sure the good folks at FFG really appreciate the advertisement, but I don’t see how news on every single of their boardgames and roleplaying games is any relevant to miniature gamers. This is not a jab at FFG as I enjoy their non-miniature games very much, but they sure seem to get a lot of love from the posting team.

    • Soulfinger

      Whereas, I enjoy the whole gamut of tabletop gaming, which includes those FFG board game boxes filled to the brim with miniatures. If this site is just for miniature gaming then someone really needs to update the forum and eliminate those pesky boardgame and card game sections just to clarify things.

      However, I do agree that the RPG news doesn’t quite fit the bill. I am more annoyed by the redundancy in some news releases: Company X has announced that they will be producing a miniature, Company X has released concept art, now here’s a digital rendering, here’s the green sculpt, here’s the bare lead mini, now it’s primed, here it is partway painted, fully painted, and now Company X is holding a contest to see if you can guess whether they will use a Matt or Gloss fixative.

      • mathieu

        Whereas, I enjoy the whole gamut of tabletop gaming, which includes those FFG board game boxes filled to the brim with miniatures. If this site is just for miniature gaming then someone really needs to update the forum and eliminate those pesky boardgame and card game sections just to clarify things.

        Allow me to elaborate. I don’t have an issue with miniature board games being featured in here. As the FAQ clearly states, TGN’s purpose is to “keep the content on the site focused on miniature games and products related to those games”. A number of boardgames that regularly make their way to TGN’s homepage have nothing to do with miniatures (Olympus, a Game of Thrones,…).

        As for the forum, I believe it was meant as a separate gaming board that just happens to be run by the same folks.

        • Soulfinger

          Looks to me like the site’s mission statement needs to be refined and a clearer definition needs to be set down both for staffers and readers. You are right about what the FAQ says, and the About section indicates that TGN offers “a wide ranging source of news” on “all facets of the tabletop gaming hobby.” One or the other needs clarification, as tabletop gaming is a very broad category.

  • Bobofreak

    I agree that I find wading through the RPG and other posts that are tabletop related by a gossamer thread taxing at times. Other then that I am enjoying the new slant to most of the posts and see no downside since the new management has taken over.

  • Myrthe

    Hi Polar Bear Jason !!

    I’ve really enjoyed your light comments and interjections so, as far as I’m concerned, feel free to keep the light and personable tone.

    As far as content, I like hearing about all things gaming and hobby related … tabletop miniatures, boargames, rpgs, etc. BUT, maybe that is something that you can tweak as part of a selectable site feature as to what each viewer wishes to see … sort of as an “ignore button” for type of content ?

    For me, the ever-increasing run of “articles” about kick-starter type fundraisers for projects (no matter how cool) is getting a bit tedious … kind of like endless sales phone calls or fund-raiser kits from my kid’s school.

    Anyway, my 2 cents. Welcome !!

    • Myrthe

      Of course, I did mean “boardgames” but boargames might be fun, too !!

  • mrbushtroll

    just keep it true to table top games and things relevant to that theme…..that’s what i sponsored…..and that’s what i expect.

    video games and fund raisers for save the burrowing bats…..can pay for advertisement.

    keep it refreshing polar bear; like a arctic polar dip ….when ya can..

    how about some give away and prizes every now then………for the newest stuff coming out

  • McRockin

    Big ask I know, but content ratings on some of the stuff that gets on here would be really nice.

    I followed a link through to a pretty ordinary looking miniature site a few weeks back and was treated to some “background” fluff that wouldn’t have been out of place in a hard-core w’k-mag. Don’t get me wrong, what people choose to read & enjoy is between them and their Kleenex box, but a bit of warning would have saved me from nearly losing my lunch.

  • Polar_Bear

    I can say that some of the things mentioned here already are things we’re looking into. Obviously I can’t go into specifics until we get the details ironed out, but I can say that much of what you’re saying is what we’ve been thinking of as well.

  • scarletsquig

    Regarding the change in tone, not really a fan. It kinda just throws impartiality out of the window. Are you going to be making universally positive comments on all new items (even the ones that look a little sucky :p), or are you going to simply not comment or make short comments on the ones you dislike or are outside your area of personal preference, taking a stance on them by omission, while writing loads of praise for the stuff that does interest you?

    The previous owner Zac make extreme efforts to highlight whenever an Editorial or personal opinion was being posted, and I would prefer things to stay that way. If you feel strongly about something, write a full-on review or Editorial or Review for the site, not just some some generic 2 lines of “cool fig is cool lol” universally across everything, regardless of what your actual opinion of it is.

    Also, consider the fact that you’re actually making more work for yourself to provide a short “must be positive” opinion piece alongside each news item… the novelty might soon wear off, and the time would be better spent finding more news items and things for us.

    You’re also going to write yourself into a corner at some point, when a model that is utterly horrible in every possible way gets posted up find forced to be positive about something utterly irredeemable. 😛

    Finally, as far as site content goes… good painting guides that are relevant to gamers. Far too many guides involving airbrushes and wet blending out there which are far beyond the ability (or desired time spent per model) of 90% of gamers.

    If you can focus on the ones that are relevant to the majority, that would be great. That doesn’t mean picking horrible “slop n’ dip, figure in 5 minutes” guides either, just high-quality gaming standard ones as opposed to “golden demon god guide with NMM, airbrushing and wet blending, takes 20 hours per model”.

  • blkdymnd

    I agree, a news site needs to be objective. Zac was great at that. Let me decide whether something is great or not. Otherwise, nice work. There is a lack of reviews here since Zac left, it would be nice to see those return now and then.

  • Nightbee

    As much as I hate to say it, I agree with blkdymnd. It’s difficult to be impartial and irreverent at the same time.

    I am glad that the new staff has eased up on the iron-fisted style of comment moderation, though.

  • silentdante

    Is this the same polar_bear that used to frequent the Privateer Press forums iving new people plushie dolls of whatever faction they were choosing on joining the forums?

    • Polar_Bear

      Yes. Yes I am.
      Though I am still handing out goodie baskets to new members over at PP.
      I’m just not on there nearly as often anymore.

  • I had held off in passing comment as I has hoped it was a temporary condition, but the little attempts at humour had actually driven me away from the site. It became a chore! If I want opinion I go to the blogosphere, If I want news I used to come to TGN. The previous editor had the balance between editorial and news perfect. Every news item having a “witty” quip is just hard work. It also assumes that everyone who reads the item shares your sense of humour and cultural background.

  • Urlock Gaur

    Is there any way that we can get back to the monthly purchasing/playing polls? That is actually a big help. I can see what games are gaining in popularity and then find out why. I’ve gotten into a few new games just by looking at the polls.