Polar Bear goes a-Conning

Hey kids,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve got a couple weeks of travel ahead of me.

Tuesday, the fine fold from On the Lamb Games are picking me up on their way up to Adepticon. It’ll be my first time at that show (despite having grown up in Chicago and living in St. Louis for much of my life as well). It’s going to be a great time. If you’re gonna be there, perhaps we’ll run into one-another.

I don’t get much of a rest, though. I’ll be back home on Monday at some point only to leave out Tuesday for PAX East. Sleep? Who needs that? Like Adepticon, it’ll be my first time at PAX East. Also like Adepticon, if you’re at the show, come find me and we can chat about gaming.

So just wanted to let you guys know, since during the next couple weeks, I’ll be posting updates when I can along with convention coverage. But obviously, the regular posting schedule will be messed up a bit. I’ll try and keep it to a minimum, of course, but I’m sure it’ll happen.

I’m nervously excited with how busy these next two weeks will be. Hopefully good company and good gaming will happen.