Podcast Roundup

Here’s the podcasts that had new episodes in the last week:

-Removed From Play episode 28
-Geeks of the North Episode 8 – Meg Maples’ interview
-Game Classy 77: Trolling in 3D

Removed From Pay episode 28

GamerMats Template - 150 DPI

We are joined by Berger from Forgot to Feat to talk about Burst vs Consistent Damage output in Warmachine and Hordes. But we also ask some important questions like Pancakes vs Waffles?

Geeks of the North Episode 8 – Meg Maples’ interview


Hello Geeks!

This week, after our usual banter, we interview Meg Maples of Arcane Paintworks. We chat about her freelance work and the Montreal Masterclass that she just held.

Game Classy 77: Trolling in 3D


In which the boys discuss 3D printing, Warlord Games’ recent acquisitions, and Star Wars Rebel Ass-ault.

  • nighthaunter666

    That game classy podcast is so vulgar!
    Love it.

    • Gameclassy

      Meh they never talk about enough gaming news. All they do is cuss and make fun of star wars