Plinth Country open for business

There is now a new European source for miniature display stands, Plinth Country.

From their announcement:

The miniature hobby is tough job, we have to get desired miniatures, spend some time (many sleepless nights to be honest…), effort to paint them, base the models so they fit rest of regiment, squad or glass case and sometimes it’s still not enough. Sometimes our beloved model screams for something more.

It took me some time to realize what the thing is and the answer is so simple: Plinth. I actually  realized it when I was looking at one of painting contest entries – models standing on simple bases were just fine but ones standing on plinths were looking much better. So I decided I want models in my glass case look better as well.

If one day you decide you need a proper plinth to bring your miniature to painting contest, you want to reward favourite general model for another achieved victory or just want a figure to present itself better in glass case – just visit:

You will find there selection of plinths which fit practically every model and soon articles and tips about basing models using plinths and ordinary bases as well.

Take care and have fun basing beloved miniatures.