Play Unplugged reviews LEGO Heroica storage mat

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 11th, 2012

Play Unplugged TV unboxes and reviews LEGO Heroica storage mat.

From the review:

In this episode of Play Unplugged TV, Enrico performs an unboxing of the limited edition LEGO Heroica Storage Mat for the LEGO Heroica game series.

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  • demon_llama

    i actually own all the Heroica stuff. purchased one set back in october and played it wiht my daughter (who is 8), and we loved it. the game is fast and easy to learn, and for advanced gamers, it is a nice break away from the “Rules Lawyer” games we play all the time. both of my (grown) sons have some of the sets, and i’m looking forward to playing it with my grandson in a few years 🙂

    i think the Storage Case is great quality, and the pieces fit snugly into the slots with lots of room for the characters and their Hero Packs (life tracker, gold, potion and equipment storage stand). lot of room for the heroes and monsters too. you can fit an entire set into it easily. my one complaint might be that the spaces for the Hero Packs are not well designed. unless you have real small fingers, and a exceedingly careful, the stands tend to fall apart as you try and pull them from their slots. still, it’s LEGO, they snap right back together!

    if you play Heroica, and you find this case, it’s worth the money.

  • Dewbakuk

    I own them all and have this case. I think they are great games and while I do like the case I don’t think it’s well marketed or designed. The board/playmat is great but as demon_llama says, the spaces are too tight, especially where you are meant to stack multiple ‘character trackers’ on top of each other.

    The reason I think it’s badly designed/marketed is becuase if you have more than one set, you can’t store them in this box. As far as I’m concerned that’s an instant fail when you’re selling a storage/transport product. Also, the ‘core’ product, Fortaan, doesn’t fit particularly well in this box by itself! To fit it in you have to break it down into practically it’s component parts (the floors have slots, but they can’t have anything on them) and rebuild the game each time you want to play. Aside from the showyness, you might as well transport it in a ziplock bag.

    Now, back to badly marketed, what this box IS designed for, is to transport lots of different floortiles, plenty of characters and monsters, some treasure and a small amount of ‘scenery’ bricks. Too many floortiles for one game and not enough ‘scenery’ tiles for two or more games. The box is a perfect transport for custom made dungeons. It’s a great tool to encourage kids (of all ages 🙂 ) to create their own adventures, put the pieces together, slot them into the box and go off to run the adventures with their friends. However this isn’t remotely suggested with any documentation/packaging with this box and it really should be. The games have a small section in the rules about doing your own adventures, but the product that is probably design ed for that doesn’t.

    In the end, as I said, I like it and it will see some use, but it should have been a whole lot better, especially when it costs more than the games.

  • Myrthe

    Actual storage capacity, or lack thereof, was my major gripe about this and the reason I returned it. My daughter (also 8) has all four sets. There is NO WAY that those sets would all fit into this case, even broken down into individual bricks (and who wants to build every tile before every game?).

    I wonder if they began designing this when they developed the first, and smallest Heroica set, Draida bay, assuming the following sets would be the same size ? Who knows, but I would have expected much better design and thought from Lego.

    We’ve kept the games (mostly assembled) in their original boxes and they’re stacked and stored inside a perfectly sized, perfectly appropriate wooden treasure chest.

    • demon_llama

      we store our sets in their original boxes as well. they actually work great!

      i agree that it was not designed for all the sets, but we use it to store all the heroes and their Hero Packs (and dice). makes for great storage on that aspect, and instead of only being able to use “X and Y” characters, we have access to any character when we pull out a map to pay, or if we mix a few maps together.

    • Dewbakuk

      Yep, mine are in their boxes too 🙂

    • Myrthe

      We keep the characters, creatures, dice and stat cards I made in a separate mini-treasure chest in the bigger storage one. $2 from Michael’s 🙂