Play Unplugged Reviews Heroica Castle Fortaan

Play Unplugged posts a review of the Lego game Heroica Castle Fortaan:

From their post:

Adventure and evil lurk in Castle Fortaan! Play Unplugged explores the constructable realm of LEGO Games Heroica!

  • I’m not trying to sound elitist or purist..or whatever-ist.. but..uh.. really?
    Is there going to be a review on Spongebob Operation or Uno blast next?

    • I wouldn’t be too quick to discount this game. It’s very fun and a great way to introduce your kids to a dungeon crawl.

    • Blarg D Impaler

      Too late, you sound that way…

      Lego has 4 of these Heroica games, and they had already produced 3 or 4 other board games built upon Legos. My son and I have had several very fun games of Minotaurus.

      Considering how big the Lego area was at GenCon 2011 I’d say that they are pretty serious about expanding their product breadth into board games, and the number of games that they have already done shows effort into giving it depth also.

      If their game designers had checked out the rest of the hall they could see additional areas to expand into. How about RPG games where instead of painitng a miniature or buying a pre-paint you build your own with Lego minifigs? I could easily see wargames where instead of using pewter / resin / plastic miniatures you use minifig people and monsters or vehicles built from Legos.

      Don’t knock on Legos because they have historically been kids toys. Lego Brand looks like it is serious about expanding into any area where using their blocks makes sense.

    • as79

      I have one of the smaller Heroica sets and, as an avid tabletop gamer, I love it!

      It’s small and easy to store, takes minutes to setup/breakdown, the layout is fully changeable within each set and can be joined with other sets to make larger boards, each set has a different set of heroes/monsters, and the rules are surprisingly balanced and approachable! For $20, it beats the pants of many other “tabletop board games”.

      Best of all, I can play this with everyone – avid gamers, friends, family members.

    • Myrthe

      You may not be “trying” to sound elitist because it may just come naturally ? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Can you really not see how clearly this falls into the dungeon crawl game category so often showcased on this and other gaming sites ? Is your misplaced sarcasm just because it’s produced by lego ?

      What or who got you into gaming int the first place ? For me, and for many who have already replied, this is an IDEAL game to introduce non-gamers or young gamers to one of our favorite categories of game. My eight-year-old daughter loves not only the game, but the time we share together playing. For that, alone, this game is “pure win” to me !!! I get to play one of my favorite types of games with one of my favorite people. Sorry if that’s too common-ish for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • keltheos

    No more or less a miniatures game than Super Dungeon Explore, or Okko…

  • Muteki (Gareth)

    @4tonmantis I’m sorry, but Lego + dungeon explore = win. At an amazing price point and something I can play with my kids? Awesome.

  • Soulfinger

    Yup, it’s the first game my 5-year-old trots out on board game night. Comparing it to Operation or Uno is the sort of sardonic observation someone makes after hitching their pants up above their belly button and saying, “All these little metal men you’re playing with look like a bunch of kid’s toys to me.” And that person is kind of right. I bought a bunch of prepainted Confrontation plastics for my son, and he plays with them the same way he does his Batman figures. It’s the rules and game play that set miniatures apart from all of the super detailed action figures at Toys R Us. If you have a solid game then it doesn’t matter whether you are using pewter space men, Lego guys, or little super hero figures (with or without the clix base), the hobby aspect is the fine line that separates gamers from all of the little kids running around going “pew pew” with their action figures (well, I still make pew pew noises when I’m painting space marines).

  • cybogoblin

    Heroica is going to be one of the main gateway games for the next generation of gamers. Sure, it’s simple, but that’s the point. I played one of the smaller adventures at GenCon and it was simple, but very engaging. I would heartily recommend it to any gamer who has kids.

    Also Lego is awesome.

  • Grindar

    This actually looks pretty cool to me, have been wanting to pick these up.

    Am I the only one who saw the halo megabloks sets and thought “Perfect for a minis game”?

    • You are not alone ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Soulfinger

      Hell, I think the same thing when I’m buying Barbies for my daughter. Then again, I suppose Halo megabloks would require less conversion work than “Fashionista Frenzy: The Barbie Dark Future Wargame.”

  • Hey folks,

    Thanks for the support and I hope you enjoyed the review. I actually purchased all 4 of these, I was so taken by them. Would an unboxing video of one of the remaining sets be of interest to anyone? Thanks in advance for the feedback!

    Enrico, Play Unplugged

    PS. Oh and I hate to “plug” the website, but please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter if you use said social media formats. It helps the site and is the best way to send comments and feedback our way! Thanks again!

  • demon_llama

    i have grown sons, and an 8 year old daughter, and we own everything for Heroica (including the carry case). it is an awsome game, my oldest even plays it with his Army buddies from time to time. it’s a great, simple, fast fun game for experienced gamers, and a great “beginner” game for kids! the rules are fast and simple, and the “one die roll” mechanic is brilliant. my daughter usually kicks my can when we play. and from the web site, it looks like they could expand out to other parts of their game world (check out the map sometime, there are 9 locations detailed, but only 4 sets curreltly… go figure). gave a few out this year for Christmas to my gamer friends who have young children, and they love it…

    would be interesting to see if they could make a version using the Star Wars universe…