Play Unplugged reviews A Call To Arms

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 5th, 2012

Play Unplugged does a review of A Call To Arms: Star Fleet. And no, the book you read in grade school was “A Farewell to Arms.” This is different.

It wasn’t a horrible book, though. But that’s beside the point:

It’s time to arm photon torpedoes, lock on phasers, and divert power to the shields! Play Unplugged reviews Mongoose Publishing and ADB’s A Call to Arms: Star Fleet!

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  • Blarg D Impaler

    It’s obvious from the reading the review that the author had no idea about the role of the game Star Fleet Battles (or anything about the game Star Fleet Battles itself) in this affair. While this article might be of interest to someone completely new to “Star Fleet” it’s rather worthless otherwise.

    If you’re an ex-SFB player (and let’s face it, there are a lot of us) this revierw will tell you little about whether it is worth buying this game and dragging out your old miniatures. Maybe we can read a review along those lines sometime soon.

  • The review is not about Starfleet Battles, and old-school SFB players know their game well enough that the details provided about the subject of this review should tell them whether it’s worth their time investing in the game.

    AFAIK, this new game is its own separate entity, and the review treats it as such.