Play Unplugged Review – Pathfinder Battles: Heroes and Monsters

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Jan 21st, 2012

Play Unplugged posts a review of Pathfinder Battles:

From their post:

Play Unplugged review of the latest pre-painted miniature release from Paizo and Wizkids Games: Pathfinder Battles: Heroes and Monsters!

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  • General Hobbs

    3.99 for 1 prepainted figure bought sight unseen.

    What a horrible idea.

    What’ made the prepainted market was the sales ofgrouped figures…..this makes it almost impossible to achieve, and makes collecting decent looking, appropriate figures for us ridiculously expensive.

  • thetang22

    I agree, that’s way to expensive considering the stipulations of the purchase.

    At least with multi-packs of collectible pre-paints you had some sort of guarantee of getting rare minis. With this, you could pay $3.99 and get nothing more than a run-of-the-mill goblin —- that’s not worth the risk of purchase.

    I can see these having some possible action on the after-market….when the mini come down to $0.25-0.50 apiece for most, but at that current pricing, this won’t succeed.

  • begisle

    Crazy pricing for the quality. Singles market will never take off for this. 1.35$ish for a common? no way.

  • One of the TGN Blog Network’s showed the wasteful packaging from a “brick” that was purchased…something like 3′ wide and 2′ in depth of trash. Wish I could remember the blog and provide a link.

    Perhaps that’s where the extra cost comes from.

    • Veritas

      It’s probably all that weighting material they shove in boxes so people can’t cherry pick by weight. A goblin winds up weighing the same as an ogre. Yet another drawback to blind draw packaging.

      Given that these models aren’t even intended for a specific game and are just a glorified RPG accessory I think you’d have to be pretty hardcore, (or touched in the head,) to layout the cash to collect the minis you’d need for a scenario. Like the reviewer said, he went through a bunch and didn’t even get a goblin. Way too much gambling for me!