Play Unplugged Review – Ikusa

Play Unplugged posts a review about the boardgame Ikusa:

From their announcement:

Play Unplugged reviews Avalon Hill’s (Wizards of the Coast) reprinting of Shogun/Samurai Swords, Ikusa!

  • Marauder

    Interesting. Everything old is new again. I played Shogun back in 5th grade. I guess nobody ever did an online review of it before. Gotta say I don’t agree with the comment about the Ronin being unimpressive (unless its changed from the original). They are very useful once you’ve maxed our your army/banner size and when headed to battle it out with another maxed out army/banner. Doesn’t matter if they are only around one turn when you intend to use them as fodder!


  • KelRiever

    Agreed. I’ve played ‘Shogun’ nothing short of 50 times and Ronin are a critical part of the game. If you are inexperienced, you’ll think that it is better to buy regular troops, that is until the time someone who knows how to use them takes an experienced general, a bunch of Ronin, and overruns a couple of your generals with them. But the unboxing was nice in that it shows how, though expensive, the quality of the pieces has been improved. No more foam trays. Plastic is far better.

    • ctaylor

      The components look much nicer, but Ikusa is missing the plastic katanas used for determining player order.