Play Unplugged Review – Chess: Two Player Battle Box

Play Unplugged has our one April 1st post for the day with a look at the Chess two-player box set.


From the review:

Play Unplugged’s Enrico Nardini is always tackling the latest releases in miniature wargames. Check out his review of the Chess: Two Player Battle Box. Will this game live up to his high standards?

  • Soulfinger

    I’ve seen a lot of awful games in my time, but this one takes the cake. For starters, the lazy people who play it can’t even be bothered to paint their figures, and it’s like the same army list OVER and OVER. Admittedly, I like the game mechanics for the horsey guys, but that hardly matters with everyone doing pawn spam while you constantly have to keep track of how many spaces they are supposed to be able to move — is it one, two, THREE spaces? There’s no consistency! AND THEN, right when you are about to get your opponent’s last few pieces, they’re like “Checkmate” in this really snide tone, and it’s like, “What, I lost just because you took this one piece? I’ve got twice as many dudes as you!” No dice, sucka! Literally and figuratively.

    • Agreed! Also, as was pointed out to me in the Play Unplugged comment section, there is another game in this series called Checkers. It is even worse, if you can believe it. Two armies consisting of exactly the same miniature with identical game functions. No thanks!

    • malwych

      Wish there was a ‘like’ button for this comment 🙂

  • Riquende

    Funny concept, not sure it qualifies as an April Fool.

  • I was going to review the army lists and work on an army list builder for the game, but I don’t think there is a clientele for the KS to succeed.

    • Soulfinger

      The worst part is that I came up with an almost identical game almost thirty years ago. Then my dad, of all people, breaks out the boxed set, and I’m like, “Great! Someone already made “Diceless Abstract Wargaming for Idiots!” There’s even a computer game for it. Newsflash: Just as repetitive as the tabletop. Plus, if you think tourney WH40K people are jackanapes then you should see the competitive chess scene. “Hey guys, it’s just a kids game! You aren’t even assembling and painting the figures or flocking the bases.”

  • puster

    Well, this game seems to have one advantage: once a time machine is developed, you can play with competitors from a wide variety of eras and areas. Compare that with the limited temporal validity of eg. 40k-rules and weep…