Play Unplugged Retro Review – Star Wars CCG (Decipher)

Play Unplugged posts a retro review of the Decipher Star Wars CCG:

From their post:

Time to wind the clock back to 1995 and take a look at a game that briefly gave Magic: The Gathering a run for the CCG crown.

  • I bought some as a “SW Collector” off a friend who had plenty of extras. He wanted to play so he built me a decent deck. We played once or twice but I never could really grasp it (or any CCG/TCG). I think I still have the cards gathering dust around here somewhere.

  • jason

    I have a ton of these sitting around as I played in tourneys and even ran some back in the day. I remember cleaning out a closet and finding the cards, reading over the rules and reminiscing about how good the game was. It was fun but Decipher started to want lots more $$$ so I stopped playing. I hear that was a good decision as later sets made he game more and more complicated.

    Thanks for another walk down memory lane.

  • irashaine1972

    Played the hell out of this game. Loved it. Then we discovered L5R and that ate up our time. These days deck building games are all the rage.

  • Sejanus

    I can’t describe the fun I had with this game…as well as the money poured into it.

    It should stand as a cautionary tale to any companies with licenses that are in use to game companies wherein the holder gets a tad too greedy.

    The game was fun, flavourful and full of options. It never drew me into MTG though as it did with some. For me it was about the universe and the way in which it was presented.

    Oh those heady pre Jar Jar days when Lucas was only considered a toymaker and not a total hack sellout.

  • I just got into playing the game again after many years away and am trying to fill in many cards I missed back then. It’s a great game!