Play Unplugged Retro Review – Dragon Dice

Play Unplugged posts a review of Dragon Dice:

From their announcement:

Play Unplugged has a new review section: Play Unplugged Retro Reviews! Play Unplugged Retro Reviews are for games that were originally released 10 or more years ago. Some are still in regular circulation. Some are secondary market only. All are fun! Our first review by Scott Pyle is of one of the games that is often blamed for the collapse of TSR: Dragon Dice.

  • ken

    This is a great game, well worth looking into. Lots of strategy, playstyles and tactics. Despite being collectable, and when compared to other games I’ve played, has a fairly low buy in. Definatly two thumbs up in my opinion.

  • Osbad

    Hmm. Dragon dice. The concept always appealed, but after a few attempts at play I remainied mystified. Liked the dice, but it was too abstract for my tastes.