• surprize

    A very thoughtful and well put together review, good job Enrico!

    • Thanks man! Made my day!


  • KelRiever

    Yep, I actually like this review.

  • phoenixman

    in my opinion whatever way you package this magazine it is basically just advertising for GW with a few ‘newish’ articles and some re-hashed ones (i.e. every few years you get the obligatory ‘lets take you through all the phases of Warhammer, movement, combat, magic etc’)

    why do they need to stick so many pages advertising stores in the mag EVERY single month when people can find it on the net, and why do UK customers need to know about stores halfway round the world.

    as far as battle reports are concerned, all they are there for is to say ‘look this new army is the BEST one out there, as it just smashed this other force’ and it just happens to be our latest release, blah blah blah so get your money out and buy all this new stuff. i NEVER bought a GW army on the strength of any battle report in WD as i always thought in my opinion they looked ‘staged’ and the new army always won. funny that.

    years ago i had a subscription but let it lapse when there were just under 50 pages of adverts and store listings in a mag of about 120 pages, which to me is just a rip-off.

    plus, because of the new revamp you are being asked to pay an extra pound for the privilage of getting even more adverts etc. er…. NO THANKS.

    however, everyone must make their own mind up, as i did years ago.

  • tuco

    I couldn’t agree more with this article. I remember a Chapter Approved article that detailed the Kroot as their own seperate army. I’ve got a bunch of Kroot boxes that I ultimately never wound up assembling that were purchased based on that article.

    I think it’s very clear that a good section of the GW-buying public wants articles in WD that affect how we play, not how we buy. We’re already buyers, GW. Help yourself keep us that way.

    • You and my fellow Play Unplugged writer Scott Pyle. He did actually finish the army, complete with converted vuture kin and some FW pieces. Not a super effective army, but huge points for style.

  • Daniel36

    I’ve said it before (I am that positive guy over at Warseer), and I will say it again…

    The magazine has e-mail addresses of every one of the team members, and you can e-mail them your thoughts… Because ultimately, just as much as you guys vocalize how much you dislike the magazine, you are all preaching to the choir.

    Write them an e-mail. It’s what I did. I mentioned in it how I liked Chapter Approved, I gave them the idea to use the mag for Regiments of Renown (Basically the same thing of course), I wrote what I liked and what I disliked (such as the list of stores), and well…

    That’s my tip, to the Play Unplugged writer as well… because… I am not going to join their forum, nor will I ever sell my soul to Facebook or Twitter… so I hope he reads this as well.

  • lordofexcess

    First I completely agree with the review … but … it is five year old news I gotta say.

    Ranting against GW on the internet is a fools errand (not that the review was a rant per say, but come on anything GW related posted here gets blasted by angry GW haters and I have been one of em on many occasions). In terms of criticism of GWs pricing, White Dwarf quality, failcast, etc. etc. Does anyone really think they are stating information that wasn’t being put out there years ago (with pricing and white dwarf quality … erm its been that way for five years or so now at least)? Why even bother. We get it … they get it … they don’t care because their business model is still working. Move along and focus on things you like and ignore the things you don’t.

    GW will do what GW does regardless of what individual fans rant about. They always have and always will.

    I guess though for any blogger, game reviewer, wanna-be gaming industry insider … writing about GW stuff is good for biz as there are lots of fanboys out there and haters who will get frothy on both sides of the given issue. All while GW keeps chugging along, churning out minis, new rulesets … the fat wads of cash continue to roll in … regardless of what any of us really think … their formula is apparently still working.

  • DumDrum

    Agreed. It’s why I finally switched over to Warmahordes. PP doesn’t make you feel like you’re being punished.

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    • Daniel36

      Glad to see you take the time to reply. Honestly, I understand your general feelings towards White Dwarf, and I myself have not enjoyed the mag these past few years. However, I also feel that all of the nay-sayers are so vocal, that others are starting to make up their minds based on what they scream all over the internet, without actually taking the time to really make up their own minds by checking the magazine.

      I was guilty of that approach myself. I remember having sifted through an issue in 5 minutes and deciding it sucked, then when I took it with me on a trip, I actually found out there was more content in there than I initially thought. It’s so easy to decide something is bad because everyone screams it is, but you need to take the time to make up your own mind.

      Not saying that none of the criticism was justified, just that a lot of it could be nuanced.

  • surprize

    I understand where you are coming from Daniel, but it is simply not feasible to try everything out for yourself, there is so much music, books, films, magazines and so little time and money that reviews serve a really useful purpose to help people filter things down.

    The thing that I found useful in this review was its balance – good things were given credit, bad things were called to account. It made me feel the guy genuinely approached the magazine with an open mind.

    I feel I now have an objective take on where the magazine sits based on this review and the previous WD’s I’ve read. I read a couple of other reviews and found them bland and unhelpful – just basically rehashing the contents page as a blog post.

    • Daniel36

      Oh yeah, I wasn’t saying the reviewer is one of the nay-sayers. Perhaps my post may have given anyone that idea. Not what I meant. I thought his review was insightful and gave criticism where it was due. However, I feel he would be better served telling the WD team that directly, so they can actually take it into account. I genuinly feel they want to listen to us, otherwise they wouldn’t say so.