Play Unplugged Editorial – The Hobbit: An Expected Journey

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 12th, 2013

Play Unplugged’s famous Enrico has posted up an editorial about his thoughts on Games Workshop’s The Hobbit line, as well as his thoughts on the whole Lord of the Rings line and the ups and downs of its past. It’s a pretty interesting read.

From the article:

Enrico shares his thoughts on The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Games and asks an important question about their future.

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  • phoenixman

    i am a HUGE Tolkien fan but the cost of this is absolute bonkers and to not get points values in the book in the box is a somewhat deliberate ploy to make parents etc spend more cash on overpriced stuff in the first place.

    haven’t played GW games for about four years now for several reasons;

    ALL their stuff is overpriced
    too many rulebook changes, also priced too high compared to others on the market
    too many units being changed around each rulebook change which sometimes means they are then so crap or expensive points wise that you end up not using them
    in my opinion GW dont care what their customers actually want, they simply put out stuff for the sake of putting new stuff out.
    the latest army release is ALWAYS beefed up to be the best thing in the agme and this ruined it for me on several occasions.
    in my opinion their customer service is rubbish and every time you walk into a store you get a Mr. Ben style shopkeeper appear out of nowhere asking you what you are looking to buy today. in reply to their question “what are you painting at the moment’ the answer “world war 2 germans” means they beat a hasty retreat back into their Shelob style lair behind their desk as you didn’t say orcs or space marines.

    • grimbergen

      I know this won’t win you over but it’s a relative term about whether they are overpriced.

      Most 28-32mm resin miniatures will cost you $20-30 per figure, i.e. studio mcvey or kingdom death. You pay about $15-20 for GW per figure. Again I’m emphasizing the resin per figure cost.

      You could argue that those shops are small and don’t have the volume, but then conversely GW has to maintain licensing costs.

      Whether the detail/value is there in the GW figure is subjective… the hardcore gamer will say they have much more value with the GW figure that they can play hours and hours with in tournaments.

      And I also have to disagree about rule changes. If you’re talking about LOTR, GW has made very little rules/stats changes to the system. They introduced war of the ring, but other than that the game has been pretty static and I really appreciated that. If you’re talking about Warhammer or 40k, well that’s not what this news article is about.

      Lastly I guess everyone will have difference experiences with customer service. I’ve never had anything but awesome experience with them, whether in the brick and mortar store for returns/exchanges or getting replacement bitz for broken mail order pieces when I call them.

    • TomasT

      What do you want for customer service anyway?
      If they come up and ask you, although in a direct fashion, if they can help you, you really can’t ask for much more than that, can you?

      The latest army isn’t always the best thing… it is just unknown, and thus, harder to beat. (When the second to last edition of Dark Elves came out, I bet you didn’t say that they were amazing, and thus, the ALWAYS is wrong.)

  • Sisyphus

    Be careful citing “[email protected] marines” as you might be… in Copyright ™ violation.

    Space Pixies is the preferred nom de grace of late!

  • phoenixman

    what i DON’T want from customer service is to be asked every time i went into the shops just exactly is it that i am there to buy. if i want help i will ask.

    as for prices, in my humble opinion their prices for plastics is vastly overpriced compared with other companies. 10 plastics for £30 when another company puts 60 in a box for £23

    i know that they are napoleonics as opposed to fantasy etc but plastic is plastic and if all/most the others can do this price to model ratio why not GW? i think most gamers know the reason and it doesn’t need repeating here… but ABBA did a song about it!!!!

    if you give customers in any walk of life value for money they will keep coming back and spend with you again. if they feel like they are not getting it eventually they will simply spend their money elsewhere.

    once the novelty of the films have worn off the range will drop off again sales wise.

    the best companies i think out there for value for money in model to cash ratio are Warlord, Victrix, Perrys, Wargames Factory, Plastic Soldier, Grippin Beast.

    • Soulfinger

      You left out green army men and plastic dinosaur assortments. Very good model to cash ratio there.

    • grimbergen

      of course all the historical companies you listed are able to charge less for minis — they don’t have to pay for extra writers and concept artists to come up with the fantasy worlds and fluff to get people interested.

  • phoenixman

    grimbergen; the fantasy worlds for you know whom have been written and set in stone for best part of 3 decades and all they do now is re-hash armies aby adding new figures and units and by resculpting them. plus an elfs an elf and orcs are orcs, not really much more can be done with them or space humans in power armour etc.

    so historical companies sculpt historical figures and you know who sculpt new figures so all is equal on that score.

    the fact is plastic costs what plastic costs and all the companies pay the going rate and if you buy more because you are global then maybe you can negotiate better rates in the first place becuase you buy more which could be put back down the line to the customer.

    plus, there is always an annual price rise whereas not all the historical companies put prices up every year.

    • grimbergen

      No, it’s not true that the GW fantasy worlds have been static for the past 3 decades. Look any any army book and there’s tons of new artwork, fluff story, character designs, etc.

      Whether that’s worthwhile $$ spent to drive up costs is debatable, but there definitely is a lot more investment in creative design for those aspects.

      Anyway, it’s a bit pointless arguing as they are products in different genres with potentially different customer demographics. It’s like arguing why marvel 3 3/4″ action figures don’t cost the same as star wars figures of the same size.