Play Unplugged Academy: Tabletop Time Management and Pre-Sorting

Play Unplugged Academy posts a hobby article about tabletop management:

From their post:

While we at Play Unplugged love our tabletop miniature games, they consume a ton of time, and in general the bigger the game, the more time you need. Get some of it back by pre-sorting and organizing your gaming dice!

  • lordofexcess

    Interesting article and to me really an even more interesting … mostly overlooked … topic.

    With 40k it is true that for the horde armies certain basic functions of the game breakdown a bit. I would say the biggest time waster with a large army is potentially deployment. The guys running 160+ model armies … that is a hunk of time.

    As for the dice thing, its more a matter of experience, speed and having a “routine” for the player. Most tournament players are very fast and efficient with their dice rolls, etc. It just comes from the practice of playing alot. The new guy who has 3 games under his belt is going to be slow and fumbly whether he is playing Deathwing or a horde army. For tournament players this is probably not a very helpful suggestion … for most average sized 1500 point armies this suggestion is a little OCD IMO. I think it has some potential value for the big armies but beyond that, just spending more time on the rules, spending time developing a routine for yourself that you go through each turn (with efficiency in mind) can be just as if not more beneficial than sorting dice. I think I’ve always just run with a single brick of dice, with an off color for power weapons, etc. you have your templates, scatter dice, etc. (by the way each player having their own set of these actually saves time IMO).

    Sideline BSing is by far the biggest time waster and if people want to speed up games say because in order to get a game in each week so and so can only play on X night and he has to work in the morning. Well figure out a way to cut out the BSing and just play the game … and get together for beers some other night.

    I just think most 40K players and wargammers in general are lugging all sorts of crap already, adding a big tote bin of dice, with dice sorted out … then if there is any mix up or whatever you have to spend time unsorting/resorting/wasting time. Why not just as they other guy is taking his turn set out your dice on a tray or something with the dice you’ll need for the next turn. Buying an extra brick or so of dice might be necessary for the horde armies if you want to do that … but so what.

    In order to really see if a method like this worked one would have to do a control group, and have a large number of players use the method and then compare it to the control group. Perhaps even adding in another method to compare it to. Until then, its just all subjective. I guess though the bottom line is each individual is going to be different and if having a little bin with everything seems to save time for you … use it … cool. Just deciding you want to be more focused and be more efficent with your time during the game is a damn good habit for a tournament player, but even in home games being kind to your opponent with the time you spend taking your turn is nothing but a plus.

  • Would I bother to sort dice, no. A pile of dice will do me and sort them as needed per roll.

  • How odd.
    I can’t say counting takes me that long to do.
    Even to 120.