• Maybe it’s just me, but the remark about the Warmachine boxes seemed kinda’ smarmy and strange. “You also get far fewer miniatures with the largest battlegroup consisting of only five miniatures.” He doesn’t go on to point out that Warmachine needs far less models than 40k. He does say it comes with all you need to use the models in the box. Can you even make a legal 40k army with AoBR? It comes with an HQ, 1 troop, 1 elite and 1 heavy support right?

  • Play Unplugged has sung the praises of Privateer Press on multiple occasions (I can list some articles at the end of this reply). I personally own 2 warmachine and 1 hordes army. I love their games!

    I wrote an article highlighting starter sets for three popular miniature games for new hobbyists. I briefly discussed the features in each including positives (mostly) and some negatives. The sentence you quote is true. I was comparing the boxes on their contents and there are indeed less models in the Privateer Press boxsets. They also are significantly cheaper and you get to pick your force. Two positives you choose not to include when you decided I was being smarmy.

    As for your second comment, that would depend on the tournament I suppose. Which of course could also be said of the Battlegroup Boxset. Can you play a game with what is in AoBR? Certainly.

    Look your entitled to your opinion. I put the information out there and I certainly can take criticism, but as a site with a mission based on positive endorsement of the hobby, I can’t let an accusation of unjustified negativity go unchallenged. You are entitled to feel anyway you want, but it was certainly not my intention and I believe if anyone reading takes all of the content of the article into account they will see that.

    Enrico Nardini (Editor-in-Chief)

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    • Enrico, I do apologize if I came off hateful. I just thought it was a bit odd that it wasn’t mentioned is all. Perhaps I’m just used to people not giving PP the credit they deserve and jumped the gun a little. I apologize.

  • Don’t sweat it. I really was just looking at the starter sets. A follow-up article comparing the systems and what you need to expand on the starter sets could be a really good supplement.

    I’m just trying to promote gaming, face-to-face, and at the table. I hope people play all kinds of games (GW, PP, BF/FoW and all the great indie games that are available) and I want to support them when they do. No apology necessary, but very much appreciated! 🙂

    Enrico Nardini (Editor-in-Chief)

  • cannondaddy


    This could be a series of articles, since there are many games with starter sets. I’d like to see the Kings of War and Heavy Gear Blitz sets reviewed.

  • I really like this suggestion. Look for information on a series coming soon!

    Enrico Nardini (Editor-in-Chief)