PLAY: the games festival coming to Modena Italy

The PLAY: the games festival will be held March 13th and 14th in Modena Italy.

From their announcement:

PLAY: the games festival, scheduled for March 13 and 14 at ‘Modenafiere’ exhibition centre, promoted by “Club TreEmme” in association with “La Tana dei Goblin”

Already in its second year, PLAY is currently the biggest games and entertainment convention of its kind in Italy, due to offer to passionate gamers the chance of fully immersing themselves into a great gaming experience, thanks to a rich schedule of events, tournaments and demos.

PLAY also aims to reach a wider audience: newcomers, beginners, kids and families alike, giving them a taste of the intriguing world of gaming, letting them be driven by their own curiosity. It will all be there: ranging from tabletop roleplaying games, boardgames, collectible cardgames, live action roleplaying games, miniature games, not to mention videogames; and you will find even more: modelling showcases, introduction of new products and focused conferences, the ubiquitous tournaments and a very comprehensive gaming space including a whole host of titles form great classics to the latest products. A flooding river of fun ready to flow over Modena and its exhibition centre in the course of two full days, thanks to the dedication of Club TreEmme and the contribution of many gamers associations from all over Italy.

PLAY’s gaming space
The perfect starting point to begin your journey in the world of gaming. Hundreds of games to try out for free, plenty of gaming tables and experienced players ready to explain the rules. An immense space dedicated to gaming with tables and room to immediately try out the novelties you just bought at the Game Fair.

Modelling at PLAY
The modelling hobby is an art in its own: be it assembling an airplane, a motorcycle, a tank or perhaps painting a trooper from Napoleon’s army, an elf or a Terminator, you will need a good degree of precision, creativity and a firm hand. In PLAY you will be able to admire showcases of the best italian modeler’s creations and in turn, test yourself at the task of painting and building, with guidance from expert modelers.

Guests at PLAY
PLAY is also the right moment to meet the most prominent names of the gaming industry. Publishers and authors of world’s fame, specialised reporters and reviewers as well as all the operators gravitating around the world of games. Amongst this year’s guests can be found names such as Reiner Knizia, Friedemann Friese, Andrea Angiolino, Paolo Mori, Angelo Porazzi, Walter Obert and many more.

Events at PLAY
PLAY’s program is rife with activities: meetings with authors, conferences, showcases on new games. Some examples are: “Playing the City” – an international symposium that will explore intersections between the study of urban practices and the design of new ludic forms of participation in civic life – and the series of lectures on “The role of gaming in culture” examining the relationships between gaming and culture, with contributions from famous guests and specialists.

PLAY inherits the tradition of the National Gamers Convention that annually took place in Modena. Starting from 2008, due to the increasing success, PLAY moved to the Modena exhibition centre in order to allow a constantly widening audience to acknowledge and join in this happening. The event goes live thanks to the coordinated efforts of Modenafiere, Club TreEmme and La Tana dei Goblin, and is under the patronage of Comune di Modena, Provincia di Modena and Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, under the sponsorship of Banca Popolare dell’Emilia Romagna, and may claim being an unique event in the gaming genre in Italy. and Frequenza Ludica will operate as mediapartners of the show and will provide an extensive coverage during the two days of the Game Fair.