Play Board Games Posts a Review ofWarpath: Fate of the Forgestar

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Feb 21st, 2012

Play Board Games posts a review of Mantic Games’ Warpath box set:

From their website:

Warpath: Fate of the Forgestar is a sci-fi skirmish game for two players. You play as either the Marauders (orxs) or Forge Fathers (dwarves) and must eliminate your opponent.

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  • warpcrafter

    I don’t know about anyone else, but that whole “Leave your casualties on the table and continue to use them as fully functional troops until the entire unit is destroyed” mechanic is perhaps the worst pieces of game design since the second edition 40K close combat rules. It’s like giving out participation trophies at a kid’s soccer game. Kinda makes playing the game pointless.

    • scarletsquig

      Fully-functional is not the case, damaged units count as “fragged” in the Warpath rules and are less effective.

      As for the mechanic, it is pretty much the same as the blast marker mechanic in Epic 40k. The system is designed to make really big games run smoothly.

    • Toyznthehood

      After spending hours painting my models and investing hundreds of pounds buy them I rather like for them to stay on the table a bit longer than the first round of shooting.

      Personally i find it much more aesthetically pleasing to see the number of wounded models on the table increase as the game goes on. As for mechanics it’s much more believable than seeing heavy weapon units on the table where anyone not armed with a decent weapon are merely ablatives.

  • Treating a unit as a unit rather than individuals is pretty common in many games. And, Squig is right, the casualties count as attrition markers reducing the effectiveness of the unit. If you don’t like it though, don’t use it.

  • jason

    Yeah I think it makes things easier and just have tons of minis on the table Looks cooler.