Play Board Games Posts a Review of Super Dungeon Explore

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Jan 14th, 2012

Play Board Games Posts a Review of Super Dungeon Explore:

From their website:

Super Dungeon Explore is a board game simulation of an old-school RPG video game. This game has tons of theme but is it fun to play?

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  • This board game looks really cool. I like the idea of simulating an old school NES RPG video game. That really appeals to me. I may have to go out and buy this one.

  • The game is worth the price for the figs alone but you also get a great system to boot.

  • Myrthe

    I had the chance to play this and it was a LOT of fun !! SO much so that I bought it immediately after !! They did a fantastic job with the rules and simulating the old-school console RPGs.

    BTW, it’s already set up for MANY, MANY more expansions. There is a “World Map” (also reminiscent of the rpg instruction guides) that shows 10 -12 other areas to explore (frozen mountains, dark forests, gooey swamps, etc). And the character cards reference things not out yet … like the Paladin who gains bonuses against undead and demons. I can’t wait to see the chibi-zombies !!!