Plastic Spartans from Immortal in stock at North Star

North Star Military Figures have stock of the 28mm plastic Spartan figures from Immortal Miniatures.


From their announcement:

The new set of plastic figures from Immortal Miniatures, The Spartans, are in stock at North Star right now.

This what Steve May the designer has to say about them.
‘This box contains 24 hard plastic hoplites, bases and new water slide transfers. This set is priced at £12.
The main frame of figures is the same as the Ancient Greek Hoplites set, but included is a new frame with new bodies (later bronze armour and un armoured with exposed shoulder) and a variety of Spartan heads (beards and no moustaches!) and swords. Although it is not certain that the Pilos was the only helmet worn by the Spartans, it was obviously common in the army.’