Plastic Bolt Action Commandos released

By tgn_admin
May 7th, 2011

Warlord Games have released the 28mm plastic Bolt Action British Commandos.

From their announcement:

The latest plastic boxed set from us here at Warlord is for our Bolt Action WWII range and comes in the form of that most feared of raiding forces – the Commandos.

Containing 25 high quality multi-pose miniatures in hard plastic this boxed set also contains full colour waterslide transfers including shoulder flashes for Inter-Allied Commandos too.

With the option of building your Commandos with tin hat or their trademark green beret this set also includes the deadly Fairbairn-Sykes combat knife, smatchet close quarters blade and the Commando bergen backpack.

The new plastic boxed set can be purchased on it’s own or you can take advantage of our two special offers:

Break out your face camo, sharpen your smatchet and take the fight into Jerry’s backyard…

  • Haibane

    Cool, but the riifle still looks way too thin in comparison to the men themselves. I’m assuming this is down to some heroic style sculpting but I think they really need to beef the rifle up a bit to stop it looking so awkward.

    • Zac

      The Kar rifles in the German plastic set are a bit small as well but I think that the issue is that when they use three-ups to create the figs they can properly scale the guns. I suspect that we are used to 28mm metal figures that have weapons that are far too large.

  • I wonder, are there enough Sten guns and Thompsons to outfit most of the unit with them? Thanks!


  • The plastic Brit riflemen came with more than enough tommy and stens for the nco’s… Hopefully these will too.