Plastic Bolt Action British Infantry preview

Warlord Games have posted photos of the three-ups of their upcoming 28mm plastic WWII British Infantry models.

Bren Gunner 1 Bren Gunner 2

From their website:

Our first plastic set in the Bolt Action WWII range, the German Infantry, have gone down an absolute storm with you all. Now we have something a bit special for those who are wanting to build their own allied force of British or Canadians! This set has a huge number of options – we’ll be showing off more of the 3-up builds in coming weeks as we prepare for the big release.

The first thing to note is the helmets are separate to the heads. As we all know the British Tommy wasn’t one for standing on ceremony and wore his battle bowler in all manner of angles – the more slovenly the better! Included in the set are the iconic Mk I tin hat and the later Mk III ‘turtle’ helmet – and there are netted, scrim-covered and plain versions. It also means a vast variety of combinations can be made in your army before you even consider arm and weapon options…

Check their website out for full details and more photos.