Plaid Hat Games Announces New Ashes Expansions

I know it seems like we just got an announcement about new Ashes expansions. And we did. But Plaid Hat Games is also letting people know about some tweaks they’ve been doing to the rules that will be rolling out soon, too.

From the announcement:

I hope you’re all still excited from the new announcement last week. We’ve got quite a few decks in the works! Not to mention the War Within event series, which we’ll have even more information on soon. Until then, we wanted to give our fans a heads up on some exciting changes that are going to be coming to Ashes very soon.


  • Davos Seaworth

    I think Plaid Hat was feeling some heat from the community on the state of the game & where the game was headed. Thus suddenly it’s a multi-event info dump about new decks & new rules & new printings & tournaments etc. Good to know they aren’t letting the game wither and die.