PK-Pro releases new model snow powder and crushed glass

By Polar_Bear
In Modelling
Mar 25th, 2013

PK-Pro helps you make your models and terrain look like the Midwest after yesterday’s storm rolled through (record snowfalls in my old home of Collinsville, IL.) with their new model snow powder and crushed glass.

From the update:

Model-Snow-Powder Set (Model Snow Powder + Crushed Glass) for realistic mud, powder and deep snow effects.

The advantages of PK Model Snow Powder:
– Chemically inert! No reaction to or with colours, super glue, wood glue, water or other chemicals!
– No colour fade! No yellowing!
– Abrasion-resistant if applied professionally.
– Can be fixed with varnish.
– Glitter efect can be improved with PK Crushed Glass.

Delivery content: 50 mL (ca. 90 g) of Model Snow Powder + 50 mL (ca. 60 g) of Crushed Glass.

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  • mathieu

    What is the difference between the two products? Or rather, what is the “Model Snow Powder”?

    • The crushed glass gives a glittering effect. The model snow powder is dull (more like baking soda, I guess, which is what I have been using so far).

  • I’m guessing it’s that powder stuff you buy for model trains, while crushed glass gives a totally different affect.

    Crushed glass can be dangerous if inhaled, but looks amazing as cloud effects and other things.

    • …effect. Not affect the first time. gah.

  • mathieu

    Yes I understand the crushed glass is the glittery part and the model snow powder is duller. I’m also guessing it is a product already used for model trains, but the problem is there isn’t such a thing as THE powder stuff you use for model trains. Just about every modeling brand has their own product to represent snow, from plaster to polystyrene to silica beads. And most of them look really, really bad…

    The question remains: does anybody has any idea of what this model snow powder is?

  • Hi,

    The Model Snow power was created Totaly New! It was created Not to react with glue, Super glue or any Color available for our Hobby!

    It is fine as soda but shows no effect to water!


  • mathieu

    The Model Snow power was created Totaly New! It was created Not to react with glue, Super glue or any Color available for our Hobby!

    So does many of the train modeling products that have been out there for decades, and most of them look plain terrible… And while baking soda might be the most widely used “snow” product, it is also one of the worst. It is coarse, dull, looks unconvincing when you apply it, and ages poorly. Nobody uses baking soda because of how incredibly realistic it looks, but because it is cheap and gamers don’t care about realism if it looks ok from a distance and costs a couple of $ a pound…

    I’m always on the lookout for new snow powders, but if the only comparison you can provide is to baking soda, then you’re just saying your product is above mediocre. Without revealing its innovative secret composition, it would be a bit more useful and informative to compare it to existing good options out there (e.g. microballoons or Noch snow).