Pioneer Dungeons & Games running Critical Hit/Fumble Wheel Kickstarter Campaign

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Dec 1st, 2014
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Pioneer Dungeons & Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for their critical hit and critical fumble wheels. No more charts or cards, just a spin of the wheel lets you know what sort of awesome thing you did with your Nat. 20.


From the campaign:

Hear ye, hear ye…Pioneer Dungeons has invented the wheel… the Dungeon Wheel…

A fast and easy way to do critical hits and fumbles. Suitable for any RPG system.

From a company that doesn’t take itself too seriously (even though the members take their gaming seriously) comes a series of gaming aids to help make your games more fun without taking tons of time. All of their Dungeon Wheels will work with any fantasy RPG. The first ones are currently being Kickstarted (is that really a word?) with more already planned as give-aways and add-ons are the Critical Hits and Fumbles.

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  • Wheel of causality, turn turn turn. Tell us the lesson that we should learn.

    Probably dated myself with that reference.