Pins of War unboxes Imperial Knight

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
Mar 5th, 2014

Pins of War takes a look at the new Imperial Knight in a 2-part unboxing article up on their website.


From the article:

Games Workshop’s Imperial Knight! It’s flying of the shelves everywhere, and I couldn’t really resist it. To be fair, it’s been a long (long, long) time since I build anything this size.

No time like now to get stuck in.

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  • 4tonmantis

    Jeez, I’m starting to think I’m the only one NOT unboxing the thing..

    • Nicolay

      Nope, there is definitely 2 of us 😉

      • darkendlight

        I would be the third!

  • Major_Gilbear

    Wow! Another Knight post! And this time they’re unboxing it (again)! Wow!

    How does this qualify as news exactly? (The operative part of “news” being new).

  • Because getting different people’s opinions on the subject matter at hand is a good thing.

    Do you only ever look at one, single review for a movie or restaurant and base your entire thoughts on it via that one article?

    Do you only ever talk to one person about any subject and once you’ve heard their one opinion, you refuse to listen to anyone else about it?

    Yes, it’s an unboxing article, but he still gives you thoughts on quality and his overall impression of the kit, and so it has review elements involved as well.

    • Major_Gilbear

      The #1 important thing about an unboxing is good pictures and angles of whatever’s being unboxed. I think that has now been thoroughly covered with the Knight in about a thousand blogs all over the world.

      Everything else is just noise because if you can see the kit, and see the model it makes, you can form your own opinions.

      • Keep on doing what you’re doing, Polar_Bear. Besides the fact that it’s your job to post the things that people send you, there are plenty of us who enjoy ALL of the posts that TGN puts up. Even if they are similar (or differing) opinions to things that have already been posted or discussed.

        The Imperial Knight is hot stuff right now and it’s going to get talked about A LOT. Don’t like that? Don’t open links about it and move on. There’s plenty of other stuff to read about. If every post was about the Knight, then you’d have something to gripe about.

        Want some ‘new’ news? Go turn on CNN or Fox or MSNBC for an hour and see how many times they repeat the same things over and over.

  • 4tonmantis

    Wow, everyone should probably step back from the keyboard and grab a refreshing beverage..

    Didn’t there used to be a “roundup” type of article for stories that were similar or neat but not really headline worthy? That might have been back before CMoN took over the site but I think that might be the solution here. Especially with these unboxings and similar stories clustered so tightly.

  • I’m with PB on this one; more opinions are better. Admittedly, as a source that is often posted on here, I may have a bias (though I did not unbox one these). You can take or leave my opinion like any other. There are plenty of new articles and news items posted every day. If you don’t want to view this unboxing, don’t click the link.

  • Major_Gilbear

    It’s not that more opinions aren’t good, it’s that they’re not particularly newsworthy.

    It’s like going into a painting forum, clicking on a thread that claims to have painted models in it that sounds interesting to you, and finding a link offsite to someone’s blog instead – it’s just cheap.

    4tonmantis’s suggestion is a great one actually; all the blog and review sites that submit news have a big round-up once a week. All the reviews that are similar or related get grouped into one big post. Since these reviews are not particularly time-sensitive, and since they don’t actually offer any products or paid-for services, that would keep the news feed cleaner. It’s also much easier to find a review for a particular game several weeks later if the news post has all the reviews received grouped together.

    I do like TTGN, and visit it often – however, I do find that if there’s just blog-bloat and little news after a few days, I’ll leave it alone for a few weeks and come back then. Frankly, I’d rather visit every day and find out what’s actually new.

    • 4tonmantis

      As someone who has submitted a fair amount of news.. there really isn’t “that” much going on as to populate a site.. every day..

      Right now IMO the biggest news (that isn’t GW) are the various successful Kickstarters that have wrapped or will be wrapping, the Mad Robot Roll Call, Max-Mini and Antenociti spooling up for their Kickstarters, and various new releases. Past that, there are tons of rumors and discussions. Ah, and various sites closing or switching hands.. forgot that.. World of Twilight is doing a KS but their former shop runner is having health problems.. I found that out the other day..
      My point… I just listed out a huge chunk of the happenings in 2-3 sentences..

      Editorials.. could certainly be good filler but I’d rather they be actual editorials here rather than re-posts from other blogs or BoW or whatever.. For example.. an editorial on how Puppetswar is re-releasing old things and calling them new again.. or how older (small) companies like Scotia Grendel will (or will not) survive in the changing face of miniatures production.

  • 4tonmantis

    Oh.. and to be clear.. I do like product reviews.. I’ve found them helpful in many cases. Sadly, many of the ones linked here are not nearly thorough enough to be helpful. For example.. an unboxing where the person simply takes the product out, examines the pieces, maybe builds the kit, and offers an opinion.. that’s not that helpful.
    A review with all of the above is done (and not drawn out) as well as scale comparisons with similar models as well as price point comparison, possibly rules analysis, paint or conversion ideas… those kinda things are the sort of stuff I can’t arrive at on my own or after watching a single review. Using the Knight (Titan..ugh) as an example.. There are a number of similar kits of various scales.. immediately people are going to want to know how they stack up. I’ve seen it compared to both of the scales of Dreamforge.. but there’s also Blightwheel, Titan Manufactorum, and others.. But, what about weapon swap ideas? I mean.. an unboxing is largely an editorial anyway.. so why not offer ideas for products that could provide various enhancements to the look or function?
    My point is, that an unboxing that is literally just someone opening the product is fairly lazy. Linking to those types of unboxings is probably why there is frustration.

    • Major_Gilbear

      I also like product reviews. I don’t like poor reviews or reviews with little purpose (seriously, it’s not like everyone and their dog isn’t already posting like mad about about Knights – why do we need blog links to the same here? I mean, TTGN don’t post links to BOLS either, right?).

      Some blogs, like Anatoli’s Game Room, are very good in terms of posting real content in an unbiased way without expectation of freebies or wanting some level of internet/hobby celebrity. Sadly, they are the minority.

  • Wow. You don’t want much, just the world, right? 🙂 That’s a lot you’re asking for Mantis. Not that I disagree with any of it, it would be AWESOME! I just mean that sort of thing takes a lot of dedication, not to mention money. I mean like Beasts of War dedication.

    Just using your Knight example as an example (heh), who do you know who could pull off all of those size comparisons, weapon swaps, paint schemes, etc.? You’d have to be someone who was all over the place in the hobby and yet buy deep into several lines. Or, be established enough that companies regularly send you free product to review. A store could do it, but most Regular Joe hobbyists can’t pull it off. Which is why you have some many ‘lazy’ blogs out there that do things like relatively simple unboxings.

    I guess my point is, if you guys aren’t happy with the quality of news here, why not do something about it? While I suppose commenting on how TGN is not putting enough ‘new’ news out there is technically doing something. Isn’t that just as lazy as TGN posting links to blogs? Start writing editorials, reviews, etc of your own!

    Mantis, you sound especially in the know. I’d love to read your editorials on just the subjects you listed, let alone whatever else you could come up with. I’m sure there’s a lot who would agree with me. Maybe you’ve already done some and I’ve missed them, but that just means there should be more.

    Though I do see your overall point. TGN is pretty much the same as when Zac used to run it. CMoN has had it for quite a while now and maybe it’s time for them to step up a little too. Maybe not to BoW polish, but perhaps something more than a simple newsfeed. Polar_Bear does a great job, in my opinion, but my guess is that they run this show pretty much alone. CMoN has been very successful over the last few years with their published kickstarters, maybe they should start pumping TGN up a notch.

    • Major_Gilbear

      As I understand it (and I may well be quite wrong – so feel free to correct me please), CMON bought TTGN off Zac. Following the purchase, CMON decided to only post user-submitted content (i.e., they would no longer actively seek out news themselves), and the site is funded through page views/advertising AFAIK.

      So, by coming here and viewing/clicking on ads, I am effectively paying. And therefore, I don’t think that a little screening of submissions is unreasonable.

      Since there is already somebody screening submissions (Polar Bear, who also tries hard to come up with entertaining post titles), I don’t see why that process cannot be a little tighter and compress a lot of blog “news” posts. Whilst I can understand that companies and individuals posting about new products and offers is a symbiotic relationship with TTGN, posting banal blog drivel really only benefits the blog and wastes most people’s time (afterall, if you like a blog that much, you can always subscribe to the RSS feed).

      For the level of content that 4tonmantis suggests though means that either people will have to make the effort for the love of the hobby (and not just try and drive people to their blog for view counts), or else there will need to be some sort of incentive for people to submit quality articles.

      Back when Zac ran TTGN, many of the non-news unboxing articles were done “in-house” and were very good product references. I personally would love to see these (done at least as well) return, especially for the sorts of games and products that are less well known, and done in an objective way.

  • 4tonmantis

    @Jack – The things I listed were just example of how an article might be more useful than simply opening a box and basically going “ta-da” followed by “this kit is awesome!” etc. Not saying that’s what the above is.. but kinda is.. Even just putting it next to things like a Space Marine, Rhino, Stompa, etc.. I personally have all of those things on hand.. but even if I didn’t, I would find things to compare it to so people would get a sense of the model.

    Anyone that’s reviewing models professionally, or at least even semi-pro IMO, needs to have an understanding of models, a love of the hobby.. and either be willing to drop cash on models to review or have worked out something with the various companies (fyi, many of them send samples to more respected reviewers or at the very least offer early purchase for review).

    I am not trying to say you’re wrong about my expectations, but frankly, I have already seen everything shown in the above on GW’s site.. before I had even seen the reviews by Spikey Bits.

    I’ll also say this.. I don’t understand how you can open a kit of this size.. and NOT start thinking about all the stuff I was talking about. Heck, as soon as this was announced I had already looked up the various kits I mentioned and others.. and already know which ones I like better for money and which ones I think are probably not worth it. Again.. this is just an example though.. the product could have been anything.

    I hope all of that makes sense.

    As for writing articles.. well, I see that Pins of War is actually allowing submissions.. so I may go that route 😛 I have done tutorials, editorials, rules type posts, etc.. in various forums in the past.. so I would certainly consider it. I would write for TGN but.. I don’t think they want that kind of thing.. I might be wrong though.. I dunno.

  • There is a lot to unbox in these statements (pun intended). I have no relationship with Pins of War. The only reason I am posting on this topic at this point is that Major_Gilbear said a few things that give me pause and I felt like sharing”my two cents.”

    There is a suggestion that PB could be “tighter” with what gets posted. Exactly what does this mean? I’m not being remotely sarcastic, but you are making a suggestion without defining your terms. I guess you mean no “posting banal blog drivel,” but who gets to be the final arbiter of of what is and is not that? I guest PB, right? My point is that clearly you don’t like this post, but someone else might. It’s fine to have an opinion, but why do you get to determine what articles get to be made harder to find so that you don’t have the minor inconveience of scrolling by one you don’t like? I don’t click on everything I see on TTGN; it doesn’t mean that those articles don’t deserve to be here. It just means that they don’t particularly interest me. I can also tell you from first hand experience that PB does screen articles based on the interest of TTGN readers.

    As a website owner, I have been working hard for four years, not for fame (I have none) and not for perks (there are relatively few compared to other industries). I love working in this industry and I love miniatures and games. I want to make money. Who doesn’t? But there are surely easier ways, am I right?

    Most people I’ve met creating content do it out of love, or a dream of working full time in the industry they love. I guess that’s why I’m defending this posting. It’s not mine, but the idea that they get to share what they’re doing is personal to me. I’m not discounting that there aren’t shady characters doing game journalism, or people taking advantage, but if you see a link to a reviewer who has lost your trust, just don’t click the link and move on.

    Lastly, I’d like to address this:

    “posting real content in an unbiased way without expectation of freebies or wanting some level of internet/hobby celebrity. Sadly, they are the minority.”

    I address this whenever I see it, because it propagates a fallacy. My comment has gone way long, and I really don’t intend to start a flame war, but if I could leave a link to a video game reviewer, and if you know what my site is all about, you will definitely be sensing the irony.

    Jimquisition – Integrity, Journalism, and Free PS4s:


    Paraphrasing the most relevant bits:

    “Companies aren’t giving these things as gifts; they want coverage…”

    “The idea of game reviewers with super human integrity, buying all ther &*%$ with infinite stacks of cash is unreasonable and unrealistic.”

    You’re completely entitled to your opinion and I’m glad you shared it (discourse and all), but I don’t agree with it. This is my opinion, nothing more or less. Take what you like and discard the rest.


  • 4tonmantis

    I’ll defer back to my earlier suggestion for everyone to just step back from the keyboards.. it’s not that serious..

  • This is all very interesting 🙂

    There is all sorts of stuff on here that isn’t actually news… because I’ve already seen it on five other sites but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like TGN. It is a great ‘one stop shop’ for news and interesting articles.

    I may help pay the bills by clicking links on here but I don’t actually pay for anything myself so why would I feel the right to demand particular content?

    I am happy that my blog is linked to from this site and also that there is a wide range of topics up for discussion… and it isn’t always news… but it is always worth a look.

    I enjoyed the very brief review that was linked to from this topic and I am checking all of these unboxing topics to decide whether I really want to go ahead and buy a Knight or not… so just because a couple of people think it isn’t relevant or valuable, it is to me and many others.

    I echo what 4tonmantis is saying… chill out people. We all have opinions and they are all valid but this is just toy soldiers, not life or death.

  • Soulfinger

    Nice to see such long and thought-out comments, and don’t worry you guys, the discourse seems more civil than you probably think it is. That is often the case when you type furiously, your face livid, ranting into your neck beard, “Well, you just wait until I politely give you a piece of my humble opinion — not to say that yours is invalid — good sir!”

    Personally, what I think this site needs is some REALLY acerbic weekly worst-of-the-worst product reviews, laced with sarcasm and written by some utterly rank bastard with no sense of common decency or self-respect. Because, in the end, why bother buying a model like this anyway? You’re just going to ruin it with your crappy paint job.

    • KelRiever

      Nobody paints models anymore.

      1) It is ‘too hard’

      2) It isn’t fun (but filling your hands with glue and a million pieces is)

      3) It is about the games, and not the models (which is why the models look great and the rules are a POS)

      4) Taking time to paint is slowing down more purchases you need to make to support your FLGS, your game community, and poor, poor Tom Kirby whose takedown is £393,000 a year. Plus benefits. He’s really hurting! Your loyalty helps him make it through his life and promote the hobby. Don’t forget, either, to buy all the books for this Titan as well!

  • I want to thank everyone for the conversation that’s being had here.

    If only more news posts could be so full of such discourse!

    As for me: I’ve done TGN for a little over two years now, the last year it’s been my full-time job. But that’s not to say it’s the only thing I’m doing for CMON. Nobody at a gaming company wears just one hat. I’m also the Managing Editor for Ravage magazine, I help with editing other products, I help playtesting games and even go in the back and help unload containers when they show up in the warehouse. My day is filled with scheduling posts (for example, this past week there was over 150 news stories posted. An average week will have no less than 120. Late Feb./ early March is just a busy time for gaming companies), looking for news (certainly not all 150+ just fell into my lap. I spend a lot of time what could just be sarcastically considered “surfing the web” trying to get you the news, but it is a good part of my day), editing content for Ravage and other projects, discussing article layout with the Ravage layout artist, answering e-mails from gamers and game manufacturers, and a myriad of other little things. Running TGN really is a full-time thing. And remember, I don’t take days off, either. Here it is, Sunday, and I’m putting together today’s posts, just as I did yesterday.

    And none of that is meant to be a gripe, by the way. I love doing TGN. This is truly a job I was working towards trying to get for literally a decade. If I’m ever frustrated about how things are going, it’s that I don’t have even more time and ability to add more content to TGN. I’d like more home-made reviews and articles and I think I’m doing better in that regard. But it’s always a struggle. I’d love to make a weekly video review. I’d love to have a podcast about gaming (or even just a regular spot on another podcast). I’d love articles written all the time. Much of the time it’s simply not possible with the time it takes to get everything else completed. It is still just me back here (with the occasional help from my intrepid cameraman, Joe-Nathan) doing everything behind the curtain.

    So anyway, I want to again thank you all for the conversation in this post.
    I really would like to see more comments to more stories (obviously, I’d like them to be, if not positive, at least constructive eyes Soulfinger) and I hope to be bringing more TGN content to you all the time.

    • Soulfinger

      Your post says, “No,” but your avatar says, “Yes.”