Pins of War Review – Tabletop Tyrant Squire Plastic Figure Case

By Polar_Bear
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Jun 25th, 2014
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Pins of War takes a look at the Tabletop Tyrant Squire figure case for carrying around your little mans and gives you his thoughts on the subject.



From the article:

My miniature collection grows, thus I need storage. Since I already own a few cases from Tabletop Tyrant, such as my trusty Kingmaker (behind the books in the pic above), I was more than happy to see Tabletop’s newest addition, the Squire Plastic Figure Case.

Pretty much the same size as Tabletop Tyrant’s “half-size” Kingmaker, it replaces the black material case for a sturdy plastic exterior. One (or more) of those should be really useful in storing larger miniature collections (e.g. Warhammer 40K).

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  • Killraven

    These look pretty good, though the postage cost from the UK to the USA is a bit steep and makes them non-competitive. Is there a USA distributor?

    Their major fault, in my opinion, is that their compatibility with GW cases/foam is also their greatest weakness, at least as far as Games Workshop games go For both WHFB and 40K, unit sizes focus on groups of 5, 10, or 20 models; the Tyrant line, like GW cases have (stupidly) been for ages, designed with 36 slots per tray.