Pins of War Interviews Ted Terranova from Rivet Wars

Pins of War posted up an interview they did with Ted Terranova about Rivet Wars, the new game up on Kickstarter (that’s doing fantastically, I might add).

From the interview:

The Rivet Wars Kickstarter launched with great success.

In an interview with Pins of War, Ted Terranova – the man behind Rivet Wars talks about his inspiration for the game and miniatures, his partnership with CoolMiniOrNot and about his plans for the future.

  • The Grey Knight

    Anyone else look at the box to this and say.. hey that looks like the 80s GIjoe boxes……

  • lordofexcess

    Given the track record of Kickstarter lately with minis oriented games … I’m sure this will pull in 20 million … easy. It seems like as long as they have decent depiction of the minis … instant success.

    • PanzerKraken

      Yea and they do so often without even any rules posted up. Kingdom Death is a good example, almost bought in but once the gameplay vids came out, I was instantly turned off. What a fiddly and boring combat system that has needlessly too many steps.

      Already regret a few kickstarted projects I supported, so going to take a lot more to get me to invest in any. Perhaps more of this will be seen after folks spend a ton on all these kickstarters and if they go sour.

      Rivet wars looks interesting though, I’ll keep and eye on it for a bit before going forward on it.

  • I felt the same way about Kingdom Death. Beautiful minis, terrible system. Or at least to me; I’m sure others will love it, but I’m all about streamlined rules these days.

    This looks neat, although I do have to admit I haven’t watched the gameplay vid yet. After I do I may not feel the same way. That and after dropping a large chunk of change on Dreadball, I’m on a wife-suggested boycott of Kickstarter.