Pig Iron Productions special offers for Tomorrow’s War

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Oct 4th, 2011

Pig Iron Productions has Tomorrow’s War and New System Command figs.

From their announcement:

Pig Iron stocks Tomorrow’s War and New System command figs
Two new things here at Pig Iron, firstly we have a new pack of System Trooper command figures out this month.
The 3 figure packs are carrying data tablets and are ideal to add some tactical assets to your forces. They feature separate heads and backpacks – as you would expect from us.

Secondly we are pleased to announce that we are now stocking the Tomorrows War rulebook and as a special offer we are letting you choose a free pack of heads with every copy. We are a big supporter of TW over the last few months and hope to continue this support moving forwards.

This offer is only for UK Customers.


  • mweaver

    Those are nice figures.

  • shiny

    i presume these are 25mm items?

  • panzerbody

    great stuff indeed

  • Link to Pig Iron Productions also includes the link to TTGN site so doesn’t work.

    @Shiny- yes, they are 25mm, more specifically 28-30mm.