Picoarmor shows off new products available in US

Picoarmor has a bunch of new products available for the first time in the US! Go check ’em out!

From the announcement:

PicoArmor is pleased to announce that Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm and 15mm January-February releases are now in stock and available.

SA-692 PTS-M (15 pcs) – Large tracked amphibious carrier
SA-693 MiG-19S (8 pcs) – First Soviet supersonic fighter
MN-621 NH-90 (8 pcs) – Multi-role helicopter
US-681 Cougar 4×4 MRAP (15 pcs) – 4×4 version of Cougar
BW-628 PAH-2 Tiger (8 pcs) – New generation anti-tank helicopter

SF-1513 NVL Characters (6 pcs) – 6 NVL personalities
SF-1514 NVL HMG/AGL (6 pcs) – 2 HMG/AGL on tripod with crew
SF-1515 NVL Mortar (6 pcs) – 2 mortars with crew