PicoArmor Distributes Hind Commander

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 12th, 2012

Picoarmor now is the exclusive distributor of Hind Commander in North America (and Greenland).

From the announcement:

PicoArmor is pleased to announce that they are the official distributor of Hind Commander in North America (and Greenland).
Hind Commander gives you the remarkable opportunity to lead a strike group of helicopters across the front-line of a modern, hypothetical, conventional conflict. Tank hunting missions, infantry insertions, destroying enemy aircraft to gain superiority over the sky, patrolling supply lines and many more tasks await the brave and cunning commanders!
Hind Commander has a lot of advantages which make playing it fun, challenging and unique:
• A pre-planned orders game mechanic
• Designed for smaller scales, such as 2mm, 3mm or 6mm
• Effective, but easy to master fog of war rules
• Emphasis on the importance of electronic warfare
• Rules for helicopters, airplanes, tanks, soft-skins, infantry, off-table support units and many more
• A card-based stratagem system
• A built-in card-based random battle generator with secret objectives
• A doctrines system, instead of conventional fixed army lists
• A vast, open list of equipment
• A complete rule-set with all markers attached
These features give you significant tactical flexibility. You may snipe enemies with long range guided missiles, mark targets using your recon choppers for an artillery bombardment, simply crush your foe with rockets and machine guns, or disembark infantry and finish the assault with a napalm strike – in a truly classical style!

Retailer inquiries are welcome.

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  • cama

    This game really intrigues me.

  • Urlock Gaur

    I bought this game but I haven’t played it yet. It’s actually worth the purchase though. Marcin really needs to put some samples of play up so that people can understand it before they buy. The rules are fairly simple but still seem to present a fun and tactical game. The heli’s are the focus so don’t expect to use these rules for ground warfare. You have tanks and infantry but they are really just used to take objectives and serve as possible objectives to your opponent. There is a really nice random card mission system that makes almost every game different. The pricing is excellent. Picoarmor has free shipping if you are spending at least $25. I’ve ordered three different times and have had absolutely no problems. Everything arrived fairly quick (within days, although I live only one state over from them). I like the fact that $21 will get a strike group. You need to either split the infantry that you get so that you can cover the required 24 infantry or buy more but hell that’s only another $4. I’ve been ordering WWII from them now. Awesome to have entire companies for cheap. Anyway, Hind Commander is really good.

    • cama

      Thanks for the review – I agree, more concrete examples would help.

  • shiny

    Agreed. the examples (and there are meny) in the RB are great, though the system isn’t all that hard to understand. I am getting some 6mm minis gathered up and look forward to playing (as soon as my professed wargamer friends actually step and and, you know, wargame! ;-)).

    One wish: that it had a solitaire component (nudge nudge, Marcin!)

    • Urlock Gaur

      I thought about doing 6mm with it but you can’t get most of the heli’s in 6mm. 3mm actually does have a lot of variety with more coming. I also found that the pricing between 3mm and 6mm is huge. GHQ has one heli for $10 in 6mm. Picoarmor has 15 heli’s for $4. Big difference but 3mm might be too small for some people.

      • cama

        Also, the GHQ helicopters are insanely detailed – I have had Viet Nam era and a modern Hind D (E?) that GHQ make, and they are gorgeous. So there’s that.

        But you are right – the value of the Pico/Hind Commander/Oddzial stuff is that you tons of it for a bargain price, and their painted versions look good!

  • cama

    I think I will pick this up after my next round of eBay auctions. Flogging GW stuff to pick up something innovative sounds like a good idea!

    What I wanted was a Fulda Gap force, but I am sure that I can make what’s there work.

    I too would like to see a solo version – my solo opponent argues less than my regular ones.

  • Urlock Gaur

    A lot of guys have mentioned solo with Hind Commander. Marcin could probably do some solo add-on later. He has a new set of rules called AWACS that is a solo modern jetfighter game. Could probably mix the two.

    Also if you want a clue as to how he does his rules then find the Sturmovik Commander rules online. They are free and he wrote those also.