Photos from GenCon Day 1

GenCon is a target-rich environment when it comes to taking photos. Here’s the first batch. Plenty more to come tomorrow and over the weekend.
Anything specific you’d like pictures of? Comment and I’ll see what I can do!

Wrath of Kings


  • jedijon

    Coldplay, championships, reunions and human interest, people waiting to get in, the biggest line, free drinks, card towers, card towers falling down, painting competitions, carpeting, large promo models, models, cool people, famous people, friends, displayed miniatures, prototypes that you as an industry-insider has unique access to or any other scoop I can’t just ask my friends who are there about. Thanks!

    • Ha! I’d love to tell you that there’s a shady, back room where they show me models and prototypes that they don’t show anyone else, but that just doesn’t happen.

      … … … or does it? 😛

  • jedijon

    Sigh. Cosplay you erroneous auto-correct.