Pewter Ponies released

Slap Miniatures has added their Pewter Ponies line, which was successfully funded through Kickstarter, up in their webshop.


From the release:

In October 2013 we launched a Kickstarter entitled Pewter Ponies, for those of us who enjoy the idea of playing fantastical table top games with intelligent equines.

We’re glad to say the Kickstarter was a success, fully funded with an entire range of pony figures covering everything from kings and queens to wizards and warriors!

Due to the success of this project you can expect further releases to accompany the initial range. As for what exactly? You’ll have to wait and see!

Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone who made Pewter Ponies possible via the Kickstarter, your contributions have been invaluable.

  • 4tonmantis

    I just died a little inside..

  • I got some of these and they are fantastic little miniatures. I am sure they will paint up really nicely.

    • Soulfinger

      You and my five-year-old daughter share a common interest then. Personally, my d*ck fell off just from looking at these.

      • estrus

        I nominate this as comment of the year.

  • blkdymnd

    Yeah, my man card would pretty much be ripped up, stepped on, burned, and the ashes dumped on me if I were to be in possession of these. To each his own, I guess.

  • Anyone who is that worried about their man-card being ripped up should probably relax a bit, stop playing with toys and go and play some sports instead :)… that will boost your man-card a bit 😀

    Maybe, just maybe, I bought these for my daughter? Did that ever cross your mind?

    They are very well made little ponies that will sit perfectly on my daughter’s cabinet (once I’ve painted them).

    Those who shout loudest are often those who are most in denial 😉

    • Soulfinger

      Have you seen THESE then.

      • Soulfinger

        That’s not a shouting capitalization, by the way. Just trying to emphasize the link.

        • KelRiever

          OH SNAP! (that was shouting, by the way) But as you know, Soulfinger, the link that you provided is not to “a highly detailed miniature designed exclusively for painting!”

          That’s how you know something is meant for painting, by the way. It costs like three times as much minimum.

          • Soulfinger

            That’s true. Paying $5 for the actual, licensed product to paint up, that’s just crazy when you can buy the pewter knock-offs for way more. Really, just buy the little random assortment figs and paint over them if you want this sort of thing.

  • Borzag

    I’m actually ok with these.

    My gf is currently thinking of joining in the painting shenanigans BUT doesn’t like angry depressing minis (ie all the GRIMDARK). So these would be perfect for both of us; happy themes for her, lots of flat areas and blending opportunities for me.

    Plus I’m secure enough in my masculinity that I would be okay to paint ponies.

  • winter

    I do find it amusing that in a community dedicated to toy soldiers being known to like toy ponies would somehow diminish your manhood. For a different perspective on the matter, try this:

    • 4tonmantis

      To clarify.. I’m here for TABLETOP GAMING.. which these really have no place in.. Are we going to start seeing Hallmark collectibles next?

      Also.. my caps is emphasis on why I’m here.. not shouting.. ;P

    • KelRiever

      While it is chic to go around calling painted miniatures toy soldier…or if you want to be ultra-chic, I will one up you and call them dolls, it is a pretty silly statement.

      Do you regularly refer to human beings as animals? You know, in regular conversations with strangers?

      I think it is pretty clear that picking up a plastic soldier in a bag at a dollar store is a lot different than picking up a model and spending hours painting it.

      Rackham had a hard time figuring out the difference and you can see where they are now. So they tell me that Star Trek and the Star Wars PPP games are going to be different. Yeah? We’ll see….

    • Soulfinger

      Let me answer that video. No. Bronies are not changing the definition of masculinity. Growing men liking magical pink ponies isn’t a gender identity issue, it’s a creepiness issue — same as 10+ years ago when 40-year-olds were showing up at the FLGS to play Pokemon with the preteens or obese dudes showing up to conventions dressed as Sailor Moon. Creepy trends have always existed, but people kept these interests to themselves because there wasn’t an anonymous Internet forum on which to announce, “I’m creepy as hell. Anyone else like Goatse cosplay?” That’s not challenging the status quo, it’s just organized creepiness.

      I think the MLP show is great. My daughter is passionate about it, and I try to share my children’s interests. I love cartoons anyway. That said, would I want a 30-year-old who self identifies as a “brony” discussing the show with my daughter? Hell no! I don’t want that person within 10 city blocks of my kids, because I’m willing to bet that in 19-out-of-20 cases, that dude has vore on his computer, a mascot costume in his closet, or a pending date with Chris Hansen.

      So, yes, I think playing with toy soldiers is not particularly adult. I’m pretty sure most grown men feel at least a little shy about their hobby, but X does not justify Y. If I wear a peach colored shirt, it wouldn’t equate to wearing a frilly dress with heels. Personally, I count on the women in my life to define masculinity, and they think bronies are ridiculous; placing them in the same category as men who own real dolls and goths. Once again, it brings it back to creepiness, as the principal concern I’ve seen among mothers is whether this trend equates to pedophilia. That is to say, it is far less a gender issue as it is an age issue. Goths can be considered immature and unmanly, but as a subculture, they are not emphatically identifying with something meticulously and professionally marketed explicitly for a preteen girl demographic. A fair number of our cultural taboos exist to insulate our children from creeps, and our society hardly resembles that in the first episode of Sesame Street, where Gordon meets the new kid on the block and takes him home for cookies and to meet his wife.

      (Note: This reply has been edited. Sorry, Soul-y, couldn’t keep those links in there. People can search for them if they want.)

      • Soulfinger

        Aw man, my comment is awaiting moderation because of goatse links AGAIN.

        • Soulfinger

          But it was just cake and a fat guy in a Sailor Moon outfit. No, nevermind — good call!

      • Dreissen

        That last paragraph of yours is grossly off the mark. First of all, pedophilia is a form of attraction–it has nothing whatsoever to do with what toys a person likes to paint or play with.

        Second, this isn’t an age issue at all. There are 5 year olds that like miniature figures(we call them toys usually), there are some that like sports, some that like video games, some that like the internet, etc. Nearly every possible thing all of us enjoy is enjoyed by children just the same. So claiming that My Little Pony is only for preteen girls is not much different from claiming football is for preteen boys. Of course, you bring up marketing–but who genuinely defines their life by advertisements? That’s a rather ridiculous concept to me. It is complete and total hypocrisy in the end.

        • Soulfinger

          I was characterizing pedophilia as a concern of parents (mothers, in particular) regarding any adult male who shares an immature interest with a child. Whether the concern is founded or unfounded, it should be present. Sadly, it does have to do with toys and other childhood interests, because there is a segment of society that molests children and uses these devices to entrap them. There’s a Different Strokes episode about it if you need a crash course.

          My Little Pony was explicitly designed for little girls. To quote Wikipedia because I’m too lazy to find a real source for such an obvious point, it “is intended for girls age 2 to 11,” and is was created as a marketing tool for the franchise. Football was not invented by a committee of corporate executives sitting at a conference table — that came later. Your point is invalid. I enjoy beer, smoking a pipe, cutting pewter with a sharp knife, having sex, growing a beard, watching Hellraiser, driving a car, playing violent video games . . . you’re saying my children enjoy those very same things? No, there are things purely for adults, things that irresponsible adults allow children access to, and the childish things that adults would have grown out of in a less leisure-intensive society but haven’t.

          Who defines their life by advertisements? You do. Massive amounts of time and money are spent to ensure that you do, unless you can tell me with a straight face that nothing you own is branded, you don’t prefer one brand over another (Coke to Pepsi, Xbox to Playstation), and you never shop name brand over generic.

          • Dreissen

            What defines interests as mature or immature? One could state that sports are immature, as that’s something children do from an early age, run around throwing a ball and tackling each other. At what point does that become immature? It doesn’t? Why doesn’t it? These concepts must be defined, and the reasons for the definitions must be given, lest it all be a bunch of meaningless hyperbole intended to suit hypocritical viewpoints.
            And your pedophilia argument simply doesn’t work, as I’m sure that “segment of society” has used sport as a means to entrap children. Which only goes further to make my point of sports being in the same league as My Little Pony, as per your logic.

            Right, “intended” is just a reference to marketing demographics. Which falls back to my point of: who dictates their life choices based upon what advertisers tell them?
            Actually, you just now legitimized my point by stating the marketing came later–you admit that marketing currently exists for football, therefore there are specific demographics within which football exists. Also, I am saying children enjoy those things, not your children specifically. Not sure why you’d think I would be referring to your children in particular, or why my argument would be less valid just because it doesn’t involve your progeny.

            Nope, I really don’t. If my life was based on TV ads, I’d spend a large percentage of my time drinking, smoking, driving, etc., as these are the kinds of things most prevalent in TV ads geared towards men in my age range. I’ve never seen an ad encouraging me to browse the internet looking at pictures of cats.
            Everything is branded. You don’t honestly mean to imply that every brand we choose is based on advertisements. You buy your toothbrush from your favorite brand? Your furniture? I can’t even name a furniture brand. I bought this computer because it had the specifications I wanted at the cheapest possible price. I bought my phone for the same reason. I don’t know about you, but my choices are not based upon logos.

          • Soulfinger

            I started to write up a long reply then I realized that I would just be perpetuating an endless argument about bronies being creepy as hell, one that apparently has to do with sports and branding and has diverged so drastically that I have no idea what the point is. In summary, all bronies are creepy as hell. It’s nothing about age, gender, or being a pedo; and has nothing to do with these pewter ponies. They are just creepy as hell and probably have vore on their computers.

          • Dreissen

            It’s okay, I’ve always felt the same way about smokers. It’s creepy as hell that anyone would destroy their own body for the sake of looking cool.

            I think these pony miniatures will be well-suited to whoever finds them interesting, just like all the other miniatures out there.

          • KelRiever

            I’m with souly on this one. Sorry, if you are an adult male and into My Little Pony I find you creepy and don’t want you around my kid. And I really don’t feel either hypocritical about it nor do I feel less than open as a human being to people’s individual forms of expression. Pretty much, if you are into MLP and are an adult male, while I wouldn’t say it was impossible for you to prove your point, I would say that’s a mighty rock to roll uphill in my book and honestly, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

          • Dreissen

            Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. I personally feel that adult men who roleplay, as through tabletop D&D, LARP, etc. are creepy as well. I would never knowingly allow those kinds of people around my children. As an avid video gamer, I don’t consider myself hypocritical, nor do I feel my personal interests are wrong. But theirs certainly are, and it would take a lot of convincing for me to believe otherwise.

          • Soulfinger

            I agree with Dreissen here. I would also be more wary of gamers than non-gamers. Out of all the people I gamed with in college, I wouldn’t want 75%+ of them around my kids. Gaming draws a LOT of weirdos, which is why I got into it. If we’re lucky, we manage to keep gaming but outgrow the tremendous social awkwardness that translates into ‘creepy as hell’ by the time we hit 30.

          • KelRiever

            Dreissen hyperbole fail!


          • Dreissen

            Except, KelRiever, I didn’t fail, as Soulfinger is agreeing that adult My Little Pony fans are in the same league as tabletop gamers and roleplayers.

          • Soulfinger

            Yup, I group them right with the aforementioned “real” vampire, the gamer I knew who fantasized about an underage Brittany Spears, the orgy crowd, Trailer Goths, Satanists . . . come to think of it, I associated with some awful people back in the day. I hope they grew out of it and followed the lyrical advice of Mr. Wesley Willis, “Take your ass to the barber shop. Tell the barber that you’re sick of looking like an assh*le”

          • Dreissen

            I have to be honest, I don’t see the difference between “real” vampires and people who LARP.

          • Soulfinger

            We discouraged actual blood drinking, whereas he was trying to force two underage girls into donating a pint.

          • Soulfinger

            I should specify, at knife-point. So yeah, basically the same thing.

          • Dreissen

            I’m familiar with many people, of many religions, committing similar crimes. Should they all be lumped together too then?

          • Soulfinger

            I WIN!

          • KelRiever


  • Have you never heard of wargaming with plushies?

    When all is said and done, all miniatures are just counters and can represent whatever you like. Why shouldn’t Pewter Ponies have a place on the gaming table when there are so many ‘chibi’ games out there?

    That said, I didn’t buy mine to game with, just to paint up 🙂

    … and if the sight of a tiny Pewter Pony is enough to “make your d**k fall off”, then maybe you should keep a tighter grip on it 😀

    • KelRiever

      That you are right about. But I’m not going to feel the need to go pick up a pony to paint just because….

      Honestly, I think the question is less about the ponies existing. Maybe it has something to do with the culture of Bronies?

      • Soulfinger

        Yup. I’ve heard of gaming with plushies and filching and dressing up as Star Wars/Trek characters and morbid obesity paired with Size M shirts. They are all aspects of the gaming hobby that I try to ignore. What’s your point? If X belongs then Y should too? If convention-goers like seeing a woman wearing less clothes than she has self esteem then obviously I should go to the con dressed as Conan, because X=Y.

        Also, falling off . . . it happens a lot. It’s detachable.

        • grimbergen

          King missile FTW! Now you definitely get my vote for comment of the year.

  • mathieu

    I don’t mind the theme, the sculpts are just awful.

  • MercReiter

    Hordes of the Things has been re-released (ver 2.1) and these would be perfect!

    • Soulfinger

      Also good Skorne models for Warmachine.

  • Slaanesh demons?

  • Soulfinger, your comments say more about you than maybe you want them to.

    You have no idea who I am… for all you know I may be a 13 year old girl (even though I have posted about having a daughter… I could be lying)… yet you leap on the subject of little metal, cartoon ponies with the fervour of a mindless hunter. Not everyone who visits here is male… or has your strong need to defend their masculinity. You may feel that there is no need for these miniatures or that they have no place on a wargame table but that is your opinion and you are welcome to it. These little miniatures may be just the thing to get a whole new stream of lady gamers into the hobby… but with people who express their views so agressively, I expect many may be put off.

    I am also amazed that the release of a few metal ponies could lead to subjects like paedophilia, felching and … goatse(?) (I don’t know what that is but I am not going to google it). Wow… this thread has got crazy really quickly.

    • Soulfinger

      First off, don’t Google it. You are correct there. I forget that younger people don’t know it already. Do check out my earliest link though, because it was to the MLP blanks put out by Hasbro for $5.

      Not actually having a daughter was kind of a given. I think if you read my post, you’d see it wasn’t a rant in defense of masculinity (indeed, I was trying to establish masculinity as a non-issue) and that the strongest objectors to bronies that I know are, in fact, women.

      Be all white knight about it, but it’s sexist as hell of you to suggest that women will be drawn into the hobby by colorful ponies. Whereas, I’d say the bigger draw for female gamers has consistently been stuff like Settlers of Catan or MTG. In fact, I’d say “resource management” trumps “cutesy” any day when it comes to what women want out of a game, and no, I don’t think the delicate sensibilities of women are offended by aggressive viewpoints. They too have aggressive viewpoints, and I enjoy that sort of lively discussion in the writer’s group I head or at PTG functions, both with 80% female attendance.

      So yeah, I don’t know who you are. Why would I need to? I think Polar_Bear is literally a polar bear and 4tonmantis is this gigantic insect who also does graphic design, so how is your identity relevant to me posting in response to a video posted by someone else (or gasp are you also winter )? You, I just knocked off a couple one-liners for. Do I need to know you, really know you, to have an valid opinion on these subjects? As for the rest of it, I think you are being intentionally obtuse. My longer comment was obviously about the video, not the figures. My comments absolutely say a lot about me though. I’m married, a parent of two, a gamer since the age of 5, and there’s a King Missile song that I particularly like. Also, I’m awesome. Also, I am a professional wrestler/stage magician/corporate executive/garbage man/Grizzly Adams and Bob Ross impersonator. Also, I am totally dead serious about everything I write and have never once expressed sarcasm on this site.

      • Purely from your comments, I couldn’t really suggest that it may bring in new male gamers, could I? (Or young gamers… that may put me in the Bronie camp… whatever that may suggest).

        No I am not being intentionally obtuse. I saw a bunch of chibi ponies, thought they may be a nice present for my daughter and said that they were nice sculpts. Within minutes I was placed on a par with a five year old girl and there was a suggestion that the mere sight of them should immediately make me feel emasculated.

        I never even commented on the theme… just the sculpts (and for their size they are great sculpts… some are barely 20mm tall).

        You can interpret my comments as ‘going all white knight’ if you like but they were valid.

        But I guess that in life it takes a bunch of ingredients to make a cake.

        • Soulfinger

          Well, I do apologize if you took my comment to heart. I’m a total dck on this site, but the suggestion that said-same fell off wasn’t meant to reflect on you. My stronger comments were directed toward that video, not *ad hominem. I am going to agree with Basement_Dweller that the Impact figures are far superior sculpts though, and I stand by my comment that any characterization of ‘girls like ponies, ergo ponies will draw them into gaming’ is immensely sexist. I also hate cake because of all of the ingredients.

          • Soulfinger

            Woops. Screwed up my italics.

  • Gotta admit, I didn’t expect the Pewter Ponies post to generate so much talk while other stuff gets no reply at all.

    But then, I’m always surprised as to what does and does not get replies here. Even when I “reverse my thinking” and go with “ok, I expected stuff like that to not get replies and it did, so this time I expect replies”-type thinking, all of you always end up surprising me and suddenly a topic that had been talked about suddenly isn’t anymore.

    • Soulfinger

      I’m always going to post when someone says “I like it” to something I don’t like. In fact, they don’t even need to post.

      • Smokestack

        I have to say I do like them. Not a bronie, also married with two kids… I showed these to my kids… Daughter 13, son 11. Daughter said “cool, I will help paint them.” Son said “No, I don’t want you becoming a bronie… (with a tear in his eye and dead seriousness…”

        Now, I wanted them for an encounter in my pathfinder game… A race of human like people who can transform into cutely ponies… after all no one expects the cutesy ponies to be evil right?

        So, I agree that there is a culture negatively associated with this kind of product, but don’t think one has to be part of that culture to enjoy or get use out of them.

        And I think the sculpts are pretty good, especially the armored and war-like ones. I also exchanged a couple e-mails with the creator (when I was trying to become a late backer after it ended), and he came across as a nice guy, a normal guy with a family just like the rest of us…

        I would not allow my kids to speak with adults regarding children’s shows or toys… My kids have joined in Pathfinder games with adults, but only adults I trust implicitly and only with me there as well…

        • Soulfinger

          I’m with you, and you put it more politely than I ever could. There will always be good-natured ribbing about this sort of thing (and apologies again to Inso for not coming across that way). There probably should be. It’s when the adult fan-culture comes into play that it gets creepy uncomfortable, and this is a hobby with a lot of people who make me uncomfortable already (by which I mean stuff like having to turn away a “real” vampire from a LARP back in the day, etc.).

  • I have just witnessed the beginning of the end of wargaming…..

  • WOW! Ponies got more comments than any GW releases rant!

    • KelRiever

      Yes, because it is actually even more weird.

  • 4tonmantis

    Speaking of GW.. What the what!?!?!? I was just on their site checking out scenery and refreshed and the price on the fortress went from 99 bucks to almost double.. !!! seriously!?!?

    These sculpts are subpar, the topic is borderline.. as was pointed out, anything can be a gaming marker.. so screw it.. let’s start posting about glass beads, monopoly pieces, actual thimbles, and the lint in my pocket.. This is TABLETOP GAMING NEWS.. not Boardgaming News.. or Videogaming News, or Weirdo Adult Fetish Gaming News (okay.. there were the Kingdom Death articles..).

    My older son was talking to an older guy on the playground.. as I approached the guy just kinda nodded at me and left.. somewhat awkwardly.. after talking to my son, they were apparently discussing Pokemon. If you’ve never felt that sense of “my son almost just got pedo-napped” then you really don’t understand.. it’s similar to the feeling of seeing the fat guy in the ill-fitted Padme’ outfit at a convention. I’ve also witnessed a kidnapping first hand and even though it wasn’t my kid.. I honestly still have nightmares about that.. not even kidding. Before, I used to just smirk at the guy wearing that gigantic Yu-Gi-Oh arm thingy and trenchcoat with specially made sunglasses.. but after that my weird switch is a bit more aggressive.
    I’m not saying anyone posting here is any of the terrible things I’m talking about (except that we all know Soulfinger is the fatty in the Padme’ outfit.. I mean really now..) but for me this is just all kinds of wrong. (which in hindsight is a bit strange since I’m perfectly fine with the wet-nurse…)

    • Dreissen

      I know what you mean, I had a similar incident happen at a gaming store. My friend’s son had been talking to an adult male at one of the games tables about some game the guy was setting up involving these little painted figurines. I thought the figurines were childish, being very boxy and covered a ridiculous number of skulls–but I digress. All logic told me that a grown man playing with plastic toys was something to be wary of, and just seemed wrong.

      I mean, can people honestly not see the hypocrisy here? It’s as if the concept is lost entirely. Society once rampantly derided D&D as some kind of cultist game, liked only by the lower depths of nerd society. Now people, for the most part, recognize that it’s just a game. Yet here, a TV show suddenly is met with that same level of nonacceptance and taboo.

      As a partial outside observer, I would just like to point out that I don’t view adults who play tabletop games and adults who watch My Little Pony any differently, in terms of being groups with non-mainstream interests.

      • KelRiever

        I think I’m going to have to keep children away from Dreissen, the way this is heading…

        • Dreissen

          Nice ad hominem!

          • Soulfinger

            I think he was referring to the way you turned someone’s real life experience with child abduction into another snarky bit of hyperbole.

          • KelRiever


            @4tonmantis. The Wet Nurse is a perfect example of something I make fun of, but seriously, if you like it then you are entitled to your opinion. But someone wanting to run around blathering about how everybody should be okay with it, and then start wanting to show off that figure to kids…yeah, that’d be a problem. So, really, what you are saying is not inconsistent.

          • 4tonmantis

            When did I say I’d show that to kids? As a matter of fact I was one of the people who asked that the picture be linked instead of posted on the article..

          • Soulfinger

            Oh, come on. We all know about your Wet Nurse cosplay outfit and the inappropriate remarks you make to booth girls while wearing it. Then there were the rules you posted for the Wet Nurse Tabletop Game for ages 3+, which apparently requires twelve of them to play. It beats the pants off my very best Padme homages.

          • 4tonmantis

            In my defense.. that’s technically LARPing and not Tabletop..

          • Soulfinger

            Well, we can sort it out at CreepyDollLimbCon.

          • KelRiever

            @4tonmantis: You never did. That’s my point.

          • Dreissen

            His Pokemon story was not a real life experience with child abduction, and that is the only thing I drew a comparison to.

            I’ve noticed you and a certain other person continue to see only what you want to see, and not what is actually there.

          • Soulfinger

            It was part of a narrative. ‘I witnessed one, which made me sensitive to the subject, so that I was concerned when somebody, who in the best case scenario is socially awkward beyond belief and oblivious to basic social protocol for interacting with kids, approached my child and then scampered off when I came near.’ I’m impressed that you could be oblivious about how your comment would be in bad taste.

            It’s not that I only see what I want to, rather why would you expect anyone to seriously engage you in a framed debate with you denying the antecedent in a succession of straw-man arguments? Boring . . . and pointless when you are fallaciously arguing a position that you’ll change your mind about ten years from now, just like all of the other hypocrites with their minivans and name brand toothbrushes. Forgive me if I came across as taking you seriously.

          • Dreissen

            It was part of a misleading narrative in that case. If I were to talk about LARP, and then go on to talk about witnessing a man getting murdered by a gun, I would be implying a connection between LARPing and gun violence. This is a blatant logical fallacy. I’m impressed that you could be oblivious about how the majority of your comments are in bad taste that I can see, and thus have no room to point fingers.

            What antecedent? I’ve seen nothing but hyperbole, straw men, red herrings, etc. The moment fans of a cartoon were equated to pedophiles is the moment your personal views went out the window. In fact, all of my points have been serious, while you run off on excessive hyperbole to try and play it all off.

            I will tell you, I have not seen a single point you’ve made that wasn’t based upon some kind of appeal to emotion. Until then, please feel free to keep parroting the terms I’ve introduced you to.

          • 4tonmantis

            While there was no abduction (thankfully), this guy had no business there. He was alone in a place for children to play.. I’m sorry but if you’re a grown ass man and you head to the playground to talk to pre-teens about Pokemon..then yeah.. something’s not right.. and that is nothing at all like kids at a gaming store trying to find out about my little plastic men blowing up that other guys little plastic men.. or more accurately.. us rolling a cup of dice and occasionally moving models around..

            GW games are for teens.
            Manufacturer recommended age: 13 – 15 years
            Really.. if you flip through the books.. especially anything featuring Chaos.. I think the 15 years might be a bit more appropriate.

            I don’t know if I’m the other person or not.. but here’s the deal.. I see what I see.. that’s called perception.. perception has this funny way of being shaped by life experiences and our own world view. If joking about this discussion seems off-putting.. I really want to point out that this is all about miniature ponies.. badly sculpted ones at that. Further.. said ponies.. are based on a little girl’s television show. You say we’re only seeing what we want.. but I really think that’s a two-way street… and the word hypocrite has been thrown around.. and since we’re discussing something this immature I’ll refer you back to the old adage about our vulcanized friend rubber and his dear pal, extra strength adhesive.

          • Soulfinger

            @Dreissen: Right, you are serious about your points, which is either disturbing or amusing.

          • KelRiever

            @4tonmantis: yep.

      • 4tonmantis

        Tabletop Wargames differ wildly from a children’s television program. Likewise, a gaming store is full of people who are there for the hobby.. not for the other people’s children. I play out of my garage now with my family and friends.. but the group I used to play with was extremely vigilant about that sort of thing. I think I might be in the minority.. but every Tabletop group I’ve ever been a part of had at least a few military and/or law enforcement people.

    • Soulfinger

      That’s a terrible thing, Mantis, and I can’t imagine how much witnessing a kidnapping must impact your sense of security as a father. My brother saw a child die just prior to having kids of his own, which had a tremendous impact on him. It is hard enough when these concerns are something nebulous and imagined. Someone tried to snatch my niece a few years ago, before that was an incident with adult men gawking and commenting on her, a five-year-old, in her swimsuit, and more recently, we had to fire one of my daughter’s nurses because of some questionable behavior toward my son. Disturbingly enough, every parent has a similar story to yours or mine. It is very easy to feel cavalier about that stuff before becoming a parent, but after getting married and starting a family . . . there’s no humor in it anymore. I think the Wet Nurse model isn’t as disturbing as the Padme guy, because I don’t have to worry about Kingdom Death devotees sharing a website with my son. There is a clear delineation, unlike him hopping on some kid’s site, reading the wrong post, and then asking me what “yiffing” is.

  • Smokestack

    By the way, If I was intoxicated enough I would have no problem being the fatty in the sailor moon costume… but I would being doing it just to make other people uncomfortable, and get a laugh from my friends… Not because I want to be sailor moon…

  • There are two reasons I frequent TTGN and this is one of them.

    I’d totally buy some ponies and have them slaughtered in a dio. You know – cut in half with entrails gushing out and so forth.

    • Soulfinger

      Do it with the Hasbro blanks, and you can actually make some money. Those sell for ridiculous amounts on eBay.

    • KelRiever

      You’d only be promoting it. Like people who watch reality shows to laugh at them. Sadly, the ratings still go up.

      • So – are you saying there is no room for hipster bronies? Such a shame. Can you imagine the reimagining of west side story at a comic convention taking place between bronies and hipster bronies…

        • Soulfinger

          Only if you really and truly like them in an ironic way and joke about a John Hughes movie adaptation with Molly Ringwald as Princess Celestia, all while wearing thick-rimmed non-prescription glasses and a herringbone pork pie hat.

          • I was with you until princess Celestia… you and google helped me realise my folly. Apparently I need to invest more time in MLP in order to appreciate it ironically. Frankly I can’t be arsed. Although I can see Jon Cryer reprising his role as Duckie as an actual pony.

          • Soulfinger

            Baement, I know my MLP like I know my Batman, backwards and forwards and everplace in-between. Occupational hazard of being a parent. Jon Cryer would be Spike the dragon, and with that, I discover that MLP is the Breakfast Club of children’s programming. That Jerry Lewis is the devil. I guess the only thing I can do is ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long . . .

          • KelRiever

            I suppose you are right, basementdweller. Acting irreverent makes everything okay and cool, right? 🙂

          • Well yes and no. I wouldn’t use the word irreverent as there are a lot of things that matter, but I don’t believe many things are exempt from being presented in a humorous form. While a majority might feel something is distasteful I also believe it’s a cultural and generetional thing. You know we eat cows and frown at other foods while to a billion folk we are commiting sacrilege. Perhaps not the best analogy, but you know what I mean.

            I’ve also been to Norway where hipsters go to die. It’s hilarious in a quiet way.

          • KelRiever

            Norway now on my must visit list to see the sights!

  • scarletsquig

    I like MLP and own these minis.

    I can confirm that listening to three seconds of the theme tune will indeed make your dick fall off, but if you’re a neckbeard dork who plays with toy soldiers it’s not like you were going to get much use out of it anyway. 🙂

    GW stores are mostly full of kids, therefore any adult who plays 40k must be doing grooming practice or something.

    • Soulfinger

      Right on and well said. Working a table at Games Day several years back, what truly surprised me was how many lawyers, doctors, and other sundry professional types were “volunteering.” Of course, that was back when you got a free hotel room, $300 in minis, and an open bar party after the event in exchange for your time. That this program ended is I think the true impetus behind any dissatisfaction with GW. I think that this segment of mature gamer either A) plays out of his garage or B) owns the FLGS store to have a place to play.