Pendraken preview new WWII vehicles

Pendraken Miniatures have posted photos of several new 10mm WWII vehicles on their forum.

From their website:

We’ve just received masters for some new WW2 vehicles from one of the designers. We won’t have time to mould these in time for the April releases, but we will make them available as an advance show special for Triples and Salute.

The vehicles are:

  • Churchill AVRE with fascine
  • British jeep with raised windscreen and tilt
  • Hungarian Toldi I
  • Pz III Command Tank with star aerial (as requested by a customer)
  • Sdkfz 251/3 with frame aerial
  • Sdkfz 251/2 80mm mortar carrier + crew
  • Sdkfz 251 with map table + crew
  • Tank traps (5cm x 5cm squares)